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The SSG 08 is a bolt-action assassin burglarize in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS GO Skins replacing the Schmidt Scout from the antecedent games.

“The SSG 08 bolt-action is a low-damage but actual cost-effective assassin rifle, authoritative it a acute best for early-round all-embracing marksmanship.” ―Official description

The Steyr SSG 08 is an Austrian-made bolt-action assassin rifle, fed with 10 circuit of 7.62 NATO. It is able with a top adeptness lens ambit for continued ambit engagement. Clashing the antecedent Steyr Scout, the SSG 08 has added accident per attempt and lower price, authoritative it added baleful and reliable as the another for the AWP. As such, the SSG 08 is added calmly purchased if a aggregation has absent the previous/pistol round. However, it is added than the Scout and users accept a active acceleration of 230.

Like its predecessor, the SSG 08 will consistently bear burning headshot kills but does not accord abundant accident for an burning annihilate if a attempt to the physique is scored. However, clashing the Scout, an unarmored abdomen attempt will usually annihilate a ambition instantly.

The SSG 08 is bargain and its amount of blaze is little faster than the AWP. In aboriginal rounds, players who ambition to abstract can buy this weapon. In after rounds, the SSG 08 is generally acclimated by players on the accident ancillary or/and players who accept bereft money to acquirement above assassin rifles. Usually, the SSG 08 is replaced by added able (expensive, and heavier) assassin rifles like the AWP and semi-auto assassin rifles. However, a accomplished SSG 08 user can abolish a lot of advance rifles at continued ambit and some added assassin rifles by advancement their adeptness to account headshots on their enemies and getting buried with stealth or use of cover.


Hitbox Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored

Head 352 299

Chest & Arm 88 74

Stomach 110 93

Leg 66 66

Red signifies a baleful hit.



No added acceleration abridgement if zooming


High assets ammo capacity

Fairly quiet

Very authentic at the aiguille and coast of a jump with no accumbent movement

Fairly authentic if un-scoped

High penetration

Can annihilate unarmored targets with a attempt to the gut


Low amount of fire

Inflicts low accident for a assassin rifle

Long reload time (the aforementioned as the AWP)

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