From CSGO Wikia - The AWP (Arctic Warfare Police), or Magnum Sniper Rifle, as it was previously known, is a sniper rifle featured in the Counter-Strike series.

“High risk and high reward, the infamous AWP is recognizable by its signature report and one-shot, one-kill policy.” ―Official description

The AWP is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle available to both teams. It is infamously renowned for being able to one-shot kill enemies anywhere but the legs, regardless of armor, making the AWP a solid weapon for wallbanging. The AWP also has extreme accuracy when scoped, particularly when crouched as it has the 3rd highest accuracy in the game. The ability to scope along with the extreme accuracy and sheer one-shot power make the AWP devastating at long ranges, particularly in the hands of a skilled shooter.

However, where the AWP excels in accuracy and power, it suffers in overall handling. The AWP slows players down considerably, particularly in Global Offensive, making the AWP unwieldy at closer ranges in the hands of a novice player. The weapon also has terrible accuracy when not using the scope or firing while moving, so scoping in and standing still is a necessity at all times to retain a competitive edge. Additionally, the sound that results from firing is loud and easily recognizable; the moment a shot is fired, the enemy team is aware of an AWP being on the battlefield. Thus, the enemy team will change their tactics in attempts to take down the AWP as top priority by flanking the user or using other tactics to against the user.

In addition, this weapon is bolt-action, which results in a slow rate of fire. A missed shot can leave the user vulnerable while chambering another bullet and allowing enemies to use that opportunity to counter the user or escape. The last downfall is the weapon's lack of economic efficiency—it is expensive and the kill reward is low (in Global Offensive). Therefore, getting killed while holding this weapon may cause huge problems for the user's team as the enemy may take the advantage by taking this weapon and use it on the user's team.

This weapon is generally considered a "high risk, high reward" weapon because it is powerful but very slow in terms of rate of fire, reload speed, and movement speed.

The AWP is not available for the Counter-Terrorists to purchase in Assassination maps. They can, however, get one from fallen Terrorists.


Damage values
Primary Attack

Unarmored Armored
Head 459 448
Chest & Arm 115 112
Abdomen & Pelvis 143 140
Leg 85 85
Red signifies a fatal hit
The AWP is a fairly heavy weapon. While wielded, the player's movement speed is reduced from the default 250 units per second to 210 units per second (200 in Global Offensive), meaning a user will suffer 16% to 20% speed reduction. While zoomed in, the movement speed is 100 units per second. The AWP is one of the many guns able to shoot underwater.


Fatal damage to the pelvic area or above
High penetration power
Very accurate at long range

Low rate of fire
Very loud and distinct firing sound
Heavy weight
Very expensive
Low kill reward in Global Offensive
Very inaccurate when firing without the scope or firing while moving
Less accurate if fired right after cycling the bolt in Source and Global Offensive
Long reload time (in Source and Global Offensive)

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