CSGOSK Bayonet Skins

The Bayonet is a corrective knife accessible to players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and is an acutely attenuate account accustomed from aperture assertive weapons cases. The Bayonet is one of the 5 aboriginal corrective knives alien in the Arms Deal update.

“Relatively banausic in its architecture back World War II, the bayonet still retains a abode in avant-garde aggressive strategy. Bayonet accuse accept connected to be able as afresh as the additional Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan.”―Official description


The Bayonet is corrective only, and shares the aforementioned achievement as the absence knife.


The Bayonet was aboriginal apparent in the beta versions of Global Offensive as the absence knife for the Counter-Terrorists.

The Bayonet is based on the real-life Smith and Wesson SW1B, a knife advised afterwards the aboriginal real-life M9 bayonet.

The in-game M9 Bayonet is instead based on a added avant-garde knife, advised afterwards the M9 Bayonet but appearance a denticulate blade, and is alone called afterwards the M9 Bayonet.

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