csgosk introduce About Maverick M4A1 Carbine

About Maverick M4A1 Carbine
  The Maverick M4A1 Carbine, generally referred to as the M4, is an advance burglarize featured in the Counter-Strike series, absolute to the Counter-Terrorists. The analogue for the Terrorists is the AK-47.

  In Counter-Strike: All-around Offensive, it was replaced by the M4A4 but was reincarnated in the Arms Deal amend as the M4A1-S, demography up the aforementioned aperture as its replacement.

  The M4A1 is a moderately able advance burglarize accessible alone to the Counter-Terrorists. Its adequate power, accumulated with its abundantly controllable recoil, low spread, and accomplished amount of fire, makes it an able AK-47 counterpart. The M4A1 can be baffled for about every situation. For these reasons, the M4A1 is one of the a lot of accepted weapons in the Counter-Strike series, abnormally by Counter-Terrorists. It is aswell called to be the absence auto-buy primary weapon for CT. the others accepting the FAMAS, and the MP5.


  CS 1.6 and CS:CZ

  Hitbox Primary Attack Secondary Attack

  Unarmored Armored Unarmored Armored

  Head 134 86 137 89

  Chest & Arm 31 21 32 22

  Stomach 38 27 40 28

  Leg 23 23 24 24

  Red signifies a baleful hit.


  Hitbox Primary Attack

  Unarmored Armored

  Head 131 92

  Chest & Arm 32 23

  Stomach 41 28

  Leg 24 24

  Red signifies a baleful hit.

  The M4A1 is a abstinent weight weapon. While wielded, the player's movement acceleration is 230 units per additional (default acceleration is 250), acceptation they ache abstinent acceleration reduction. The M4A1 is one of the abounding weapons able to shoot underwater.


  Fairly top accident per bullet

  Accomplished at abutting to boilerplate range

  Low backfire and accurate

  Top accurateness can be maintained if accursed in bursts

  The silencer is ideal for stealth

  The silencer increases accident at abutting ambit in Counter-Strike 1.6

  Higher amount of blaze than the AK-47

  Lighter than a lot of advance rifles


  Accident per attempt is inferior to the AK-47

  Fairly expensive

  In Counter-Strike 1.6, the silencer decreases accuracy

  Silencer increases accident abatement off

  Outclassed at continued ambit action by assassin rifles

  Not actual authentic at continued ranges if battlefront this weapon continuously

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