Manchester United want to sign with Gleeszman

If Manchester United really signed in the summer Atletico striker Gleeszman, then the French star will certainly become the league's highest income players.

Gleeszman has always been the first choice for Mourinho's goal, and in the Champions League he has shown his talent again, leading the Atletico Madrid to the Champions League semi-final, and they will play the Champions League against the Champions League www.lolga.com

"Daily Mail" news that Gleeszmann has been attracted by the enthusiasm of Manchester United, and if landing Dream Theater, his weekly salary will reach an alarming 30 million pounds. Including the transfer fee, Manchester United is willing to pay for Graleman 5-year contract, the acquisition of the 26-year-old star the total cost may reach 155 million.

It is reported that if you want to convince Gleeszmann to leave a team in the Champions League perennial competitive, salary will become a major temptation. While Manchester United is willing to provide the weekly salary of 350,000 euros, according to the current exchange rate conversion of about 29.5 million pounds - which will make Gleeszmann become the highest income players in the UK, more than Bogba and Rooney.

Manchester United is willing to pay 77 million pounds (5-year contract) wages for Gleeszmann, but also willing to activate its 76 million pounds (about 90 million euros) breach of contract terms. In Spain, Gleesman's salary is about half of the salary that Manchester United can offer, and Mourinho's attitude is clear, and in order to sign Gleesman, Manchester United will not hesitate to bank account money Willing to finish the acquisition of Blewman as Borga last year.

"Mail" revealed that Manchester United also hope that Rooney can leave the team this summer - his next home is likely to be super - it can make them a 29,000 pounds weekly salary contract, Rooney's contract will be 2018 Summer expires.

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