Dropshot is a brand new Rocket League game

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Rocket League developer Psyonix plans to update the game for free on March 22th, introducing a new model for the addictive game Dropshot. Dropshot eliminates the standard target, not by breaking the panel on the opponent's floor and then putting down the balloon to rate the player. For the first time, the ball hits a panel, activates it, breaks it for the second time. The ball itself is also hit by multiple chariots, enabling it to damage up to 19 panels at a time.

Another free model is coming soon later this month to the Rocket League! Dropshot is a brand new Rocket League game because we introduce dynamic fragile flooring and electrified balls, all in the range of a new hexagonal arena, "core 707". Your goal is not to push the ball into the opponent's goal, but to destroy the opposing team's panel, and through these gaps to get the target. Our new game mode is about hurt! In addition to our usual statistics, such as goals, assists and saves, Dropshot introduces damage as statistics - the more damage you make, the more floor panels, the simpler the scoring!

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