Can Adam Bisnowaty or D.J. Fluker win Giants' right tackle job? | Mailbag

I hate to disappoint some readers this <a href="http://www.cheappatriotssale.com/shop-by-players-david-andrews-jersey-c-1_14.html">http://www.cheappatriotssale.com/shop-by-players-david-andrews-jersey-c-1_14.html</a> early in the mailbag. But after a week-plus of training camp, I'm even more convinced Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart are locked in as the left and right tackles for this season.
Sixth-round pick Adam Bisnowaty has looked like a promising rookie, but one who isn't quite ready yet. I don’t expect him to compete for playing time immediately, unless there's an injury or two. My guess is Bisnowaty may be the inactive offensive lineman most weeks to start the season.
Undrafted rookie Chad Wheeler has also flashed. The guess here is the Giants will be able to get him on the practice squad without any issue. If they really have to, they can find a way to carry a ninth offensive lineman to protect him, but I <a href="http://www.dolphinsjerseyofficial.com/shop-by-players-25-xavien-howard-jersey-c-1_12.html">http://www.dolphinsjerseyofficial.com/shop-by-players-25-xavien-howard-jersey-c-1_12.html</a> doubt someone will claim him to go directly on the 53-man roster. A "convenient" injured reserve trip would prevent him from practicing, which would seem counter-productive in the long run.
Veteran D.J. Fluker has gotten some right tackle snaps in half-line and walkthrough drills, but nothing in team drills yet. And the right tackle work he has gotten has been solely with second- and third-team groups, and not starters.
It’s clear the Giants feel he is best suited as a guard. The issue for him is there's nothing to suggest he can overtake John Jerry for the right guard job. Jerry is coming off one of his best seasons and just re-signed for three years, plus there has been no suggestion of a competition at the position.
My personal takeaway (and this may sound silly): Fluker looks too big at this point to play tackle, unless he’s forced there by injury or some other mitigating circumstance. He looks like a bruising guard built to play inside, rather than a tackle meant to be guarding the edge against speed rushers. I really think the Giants see him as a guard first and foremost, and any tackle work will come second.
Giants fans may not like the fact no changes <a href="http://www.officialbearsshops.com/shop-by-players-ted-larsen-jersey-c-2_33.html">Ted Larsen Kids Jersey</a> are likely at the tackle spots, but they have to accept it and hope for the best.

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