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In World of gold wow buy Warcraft, the real game begins at the max level. Consider levels 1 through 85 to be a learning experience. It's meant to teach you how to operate once you have unlocked all the potential available at level 85. However, if you're missing one of these 4 keys, it's going to take you much longer to get there.
WoW Leveling Guide Part 1: Proper Spec
The first thing you need to have down is the proper spec for leveling. That needs to focus on 3 different abilities: quick killing, survivability, and resource regeneration. For example, if we were to look at the Paladin, which spec is best for leveling? Retribution! Why not protection? Well protection has plenty of survivability, and the resource regeneration is excellent. However, it doesn't have the sheer damage output of Retribution. Ret also offers self healing through Divine Storm, and resource regeneration through talents and abilities like Judgements of the Bold and Communion.
WoW Leveling Guide Part 2: Gearing Up
First, whatever is the highest level armor for your class, you should wear it. This increases your survivability, but also increases your primary stat through armor specialization, gained at level 50. No matter what class or spec you are, stamina is a very helpful statistic. You aren't leveling very quickly if you can't stay alive, are you? Also, focus on the primary statistic that will give you the most damage output. Generally, plate wearing classes will want strength, mail and leather classes will want to stack agility, while cloth wearing classes will focus on intellect. This statement assumes that hybrid classes have chosen melee dps for their leveling spec.
WoW Leveling Guide Part 3: Skills Rotation
Every class has the ability to chain pull and/or AoE grind, and it's highly recommended that you do so. Following a good skill rotation will help you maximize experience per hour and complete quests in a fraction of the time, especially when you get a good chain pulling rotation down.
WoW Leveling Guide Part 4: Questing
Questing is the bread and butter of the leveling process. It's where most of your experience is going to be coming from. Yes, many players level up in dungeons. However, the most beneficial parts of dungeons, aside from gear, are quests. Completing quests in dungeons is a huge boost to your experience, and can often result in one or two bars of experience on their own. In addition, quest rewards, in and out of dungeons, are how you should focus on gearing. You can also make a decent amount of Gold while questing if you're smart about it.
All in all, these 4 keys are something that every WoW Guide should focus on. In fact they are the same 4 keys that I learned from aWoW Leveling Guide by Manaview. Formerly known as Hexigames, and from the same creators of Tycoon, Booster contains the optimal questing path, leveling spec, gear guide, and rotations to maximize leveling speed, so you can become a WoW Power Leveling machine.
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