The Chinese Young Man

Playing a crazy all-star weekend after finally to the time to impact the playoffs. Before the end of the transaction, I was in exchange for Hardaway for the next season to prepare, while the Rockets in my concern is also continuing a magical season, the final results of the regular season into the playoffs. As I expected, after the first game of the first three games, our team received a notice, including all the prizes can get. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

In the day of July 1, NBA will list all the players retired players, if the team who felt that he made an outstanding contribution to the team, then you choose to let his jersey retired it. The end of the game the first two days, is the draft order draw, because the Rockets last season's performance is too good, certainly the last draft, so I do not see the order of the lottery, jump directly to the "new people to explore" I told me that the Chinese young man K. Chow called the team and the players in my hand came to the field one by one and found that he did well, I told him, no matter how, I will change him to me Of the team.

If there is no good overall position, then do not waste their hands in the draft when the number of players, and directly skip the choice, but to remember someone else selected the first few rookie, ready to go and they exchange back to training. After the election show to the free time to sign the free time, every year this time there will be a lot of famous players or hope that the trip to trip a free agent of muddy water to find their own more satisfied with the contract.

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