This Is A New Feature For Season 2

The second season of NBA LIVE can improve the team's ability by gradually training existing players, improving their skills and rankings. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nba-live-mobile-coins

Coach and Bench Players as Additional Elements: this is a new feature for season 2. Game new coach and the bench may also affect the mechanism of action, such as the player has four attributes of the ball player, if in combination with a ball in the style of coach, the team's overall speed and 3-point shooting will add by 4 points; Players can play a more strategic game with different players and coaches. This mechanism can also be a decisive factor in the last few seconds.

AI Improvements: artificial intelligence and the CPU will be synchronized to upgrade, some basic movements such as dribbling, shooting, etc., will significantly improve, players can borrow by simple operation, grasp the rhythm, pitch experience like a real feeling of exciting game. Add "Reputation" : in addition to the existing NBA Cash and gold COINS, players will be able to strengthen their lineup through their newly added reputations, and Reputation can be earned after every game.

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