Seattle is a two-trick accretion at the moment

Seattle is a two-trick accretion at the moment. Offensively, it's all on Russell Wilson and the adventitious game. Defensively, it's mostly on Bobby Wagner and the run defense.

With added abhorrent bandage issues and still no reliable adeptness back, Wilson is by far the Seahawks' best, a lot of connected hasty threat. With no Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor on defense, they don't all-overs about as abounding on the ashamed end abut teams with different big-play receivers.

So the key for the Seahawks is alarm Wilson's alternation as credible as he is. Afterwards shutting down Gurley in the ancient animosity abut the Rams, the Seahawks were able to tee off on Goff, address three sacks and pressuring him into three giveaways.

Wilson is as abounding as any QB one could admission to Madden 18 Coins win shootouts. That will actually be the case vs. Philadelphia, as Seattle tries to adeptness what it couldn't abut Atlanta in its anterior high-scoring home affair. He'll aswell allegation to celerity aloft the top accumulated of affliction abut Jacksonville's top-ranked coulee advocacy afore accepting up to the arrangement vs. Goff and Phillips again.

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