rocket league is different from other car racing game

By the San Diego team Psyonix independent research and development of athletics game the rockets alliance, under the condition of not officially landed in China, the global more than 30 million users, the platform of the accumulative total games more than 1.25 billion. In 2015, the rocket league won the TGA's annual best sports/racing game award by beating NBA2K, FIFA, extreme racing, and other established word-of-mouth games. On top of that, the rocket league has a whopping 94 percent positive rating on Steam, entering the Steam annual bestseller platinum group. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

In addition, "rocket league" also obtains the media professional recognition and the user's extensive praise, which is inseparable from its innovative play method. Different from other car racing game and ball games, the rockets alliance will football field is fully enclosed design, to replace the traditional "people" with rocket-powered cars, players can use rocket power, achieve supersonic accelerate, jump, turn even fancy operation such as coasters, will score football crashed into each other's goal. The 5-minute winning game has made the game more exciting. No wonder netizens commented: this is a five-minute adrenaline rush that can make you feel angry and amazing. You can also play a GG game.

« About last night ... Canadiens romp to 10-1 win over Detroitthe pennies cocker! »

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