When Curry played with his teammate Thompson

It's hard for Curry to get a bottle of regular MVP trophies for many reasons. First, he has won the award for two consecutive seasons, the judges are already impressed by the aesthetic fatigue, basketball god Jordan also for this reason, respectively, in 93 and 97 missed the MVP trophy. Two is Curry peak coincides with Durant's peak coincide, two stars with a team, plus also when playing the year All-star teammate Thompson. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

In last season, Adu joined the Warriors, Curry also made a great sacrifice. In the Champions League last season, we can often see curry as a cover for teammates including Adu. Once the teammate encounters criticism, he will stand up for the first time. So the success of the Warriors can be said to be curry single-handedly built, why just after a season, the fact that many fans ignored it? A lot of people say that the stars are going to make sacrifices, before the Celtics three giants Allen completely changed to play without the ball, made a great sacrifice.

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