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Domestic and foreign external walls of fire insulation system technology status 1, fireproof wall insulation technology status abroad Can be seen from the history of foreign external wall insulation systems, external insulation materials for fire safety requirements has been used as the tongue and groove composite decking materials preferred conditions of the technical application. Europe and other external wall insulation technology advanced countries, the external wall insulation systems are stringent fire safety rating requirements, different external wall insulation systems and insulation material with a fire test methods and classification standards (when considering the release of smoke and toxic combustion ), and the different fire rating of external wall insulation systems in use of the building, there are strict regulations.

Fire rating measurements and related test will be performed twice: once for the entire system, and once only insulation materials. When the test needs to consider the possibility of spread of flame in the composite marine floors insulation material, providers should recommend a firebreak to prevent the fire from spreading, as part of the system, its fire performance can refer to the results of product performance or large-scale test of the list may be . At the same time, the external wall insulation fire safety requirements will be based on laws, regulations and applicable to building end-use regulations may be.

In Germany due to the relevant provisions of polystyrene board thin plaster systems can not meet the requirements for fire safety in buildings used by more than 22 m; in the UK, 18 meters above the building does not allow the use of polystyrene board thin plaster exterior insulation the provisions modular wood composite plastic for sale of the system; in New York Architecture directive clearly states the fire resistance of less than two hours of polystyrene board thin plaster exterior insulation system does not allow use above 75 feet that is 22.86 meters of residential buildings. The external wall insulation system consists of rock wool or other noncombustible material composition can be widely used in various types of construction, the system has become one of the world's most extensive range of external wall insulation practices present.

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