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Garena released the new Archer Mobile Arena: Violet, the pistol-gun girl who is able to hunt down her target hunt from afar! Vampires are , let alone you!

One of the drawbacks of the Mobile Arena is that it does not highlight the hero with the Archer type. This is because the choice of Archer Mobile Arena heroes is minimal. Until now, there is no hero with the Archer type that is really strong in the battlefield. Well, this time the Garena introduced a very powerful figure Archer: Violet the Pistol Assassin!

He is a remote attacker who uses dual pistols as his main weapon. Although called Violet, the design of this character has absolutely no purple. The design is a young girl with short hair. He wore a light costume that allowed him to move freely.

"My shooting ability has been a reminder of the vampire-generated terror," it was one of the excerpts from the new archer Mobile Arena archer, Violet. In the War of Stakes, Violet is known as a new type of vampire hunter, called Princes. The ability of this new vampire is not like a vampire in general.

The Princes use an attack strategy that involves the use of fireballs and lightning, some even capable of flying! Ordinary vampire hunters can not beat them. Only a person like Violet, who has undergone extreme practice, made him able to fight a draw against these strange forces and their magic.

But the more Princes Violet can kill, the greater the threat she gives. Eventually many Princes spread the word about Violet's vampire hunter's presence. The hate they felt about Violet burned their desire to destroy the vampire hunter girl.

A great battle was inevitable, between the Princes and the hunters. The Princes gathered, encouraging them to exert much energy and troops to hunt down Violet and his army. The situation was profitable, Violet also launched a long-range attack on the troops Princes. But not all Princes have been defeated, because some of them benefit from being able to fly into space, so safe from Violet attacks.

Those who managed to escape into space, using magic to attack Violet who was just an ordinary human being. Finally, Violet was forced to avoid the deadly attack. But Violet's strongest fire weapon named Rose of Fate was destroyed by a fireball attack from the Princes. Yet the firearm had given him a lot of victories.

The destruction of Rose of Fate, makes Violet weak. It affects the morale of his troops, they finally lose the courage to fight the powerful vampires. Violet was furious, and she vowed to defeat and kill all the Princes no matter how. Though his ultimate weapon was destroyed, his desire to hunt Princes was never crushed!

"If vampires prey on humans, then we will participate in prey on vampires!" That's the motto of the hero archer fighters of this new Mobile Arena. From his words, he was never afraid to defend his people being oppressed by other beings, though the oppressors were very powerful dark magicians. Violet now you can buy and play in Mobile Arena. This cool hero is priced at 8888 Gold or 690 Voucher.

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Curious about the capabilities of the new Arena Mobile hero archer? From the shape is indeed very cool, especially the weapon is two pistols capable of killing the enemy quickly

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