In FIFA 16 these are harder but still effective with better players.

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For starters, play fifa 16 coins as much as possible. The more you play, the more experienced you will get behind the sticks and the easier scoring will become. Over time, you’ll get used to shot speed, passing, skill moves, and honing your set pieces. Chip shots are useful shots which are used to cheekily loop the ball over the goalkeeper and into the goal. A chip shot has a high arc and is not very powerful, but is useful for when the goalkeeper is not on his line and a bit farther away from the goal than he should be.

This scenario occurs a lot when a player is on a breakaway and the opponent rushes his goalkeeper out too early, giving you enough time to chip it over him before he gets too close to cut off your angle. Sometimes in fifa 16 ps4 coins, goalkeepers are off their line for no good reason, so you should look for this and give it a try if he is. Ultimately though, your best chance at pulling this off will be on a 1v1 breakaway with the keeper. On Xbox, chip shots are executed by holding down LB as you are pressing the shoot button, and likewise for Playstation although you want to hold down the L1 button instead.

In fifa 16 coins pc these are harder but still effective with better players. Especially those with long shot trait. When using a driven shot you need to decide on power against accuracy. Just tap shoot and your shot will be medium power which should keep it low. Experiment with power as everyone has a different touch pressure wise on the pad. As a guide look to use less than half power in the box and up to three quarters outside the box. You will find driven shots are really effective shooting at the near post. So if the keeper is standing slightly to the right of the goal aim left stick to the right of the goal. If you liked reading this article then go to http://www.playerhot.com

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