"Internet +" has become the flooring industry trend is the development of rational analysis business premise

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"Internet +" the sudden emergence of the floor How deep tap the market?
Now, with the continuous development of the Internet age, many industries, including the flooring industry, including both been a huge shock. In the age of technology, the development of new things are profoundly changing the whole contemporary society, which is already in advanced stages of the flooring industry, it is an opportunity and a challenge. With the development of other industries in the field of Internet increasingly in-depth, whether the floor enterprise also find direction for their own development it?
"Internet +" the sudden emergence of the floor How deep tap the market?
With the advantage of the Internet has become the market norm
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Since the beginning of this year the State Council "Internet +" policy promotion in 2015, the sudden emergence of a large number of Internet websites of home improvement, the new model mining industry unlimited possibilities. In addition, China in the first three quarters of GDP this year record low, even below 7%, with the real estate market "warmer" tepid, building materials industry further atrophy and recession, many traditional home building materials business is very urgent desire to aid Internet thinking a fire.
It is understood that the electricity supplier of the road many traditional furniture business from scratch, including the electricity supplier team building, getting a huge business platform for investment costs, brand electronic mall operators set up, not to make money on the first to invest tens of millions . In addition many traditional business electricity supplier and O2O awareness is still relatively shallow, or o2o museum experience is no different with the traditional outlets, or can not balance the interests of online sales and dealer into, or keep up with the concept of Internet companies mode of thinking, cooperation to split.
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Enter the Internet field also need to focus on store operations
Internet as seawater intrusion to the same socio-economic aspects, the first fully penetrate into the relatively low altitude (low degree of specialization) field, with the development of technology, the Internet will invade the high degree of specialization in the industry. It is this kind of professional floor higher degree of industry, the Internet takes time and the transformation of its model innovation, still need a lot of time.
For flooring businesses, store operations sales floor is still the core part of how to get through online and offline? First of all, multi-channel open up the market is the only way. Since the new home market remains in the doldrums, many companies set his sights on the floor old renovation, re-decoration market. In addition, electricity providers how to better serve the store's service, how to get through online and offline, is still the traditional flooring companies need to continue to root out the problem. Flooring companies only know how to use electricity supplier tool to practice internal strength to superb, really thinking of the Internet to strengthen the understanding, so that sales promotion a new look, to keep up with the changes brought by the new economic normality.
Unstoppable trend in the Internet industry background, flooring companies blindly "shock" is not wise. On the floor the moment the market, non-directional factors increase the risk of the market has increased, in this case, the only electricity supplier clear operation rules, targeted development, business can finally gained new business opportunities in the field.
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