The use of environmentally friendly wallpaper and floor

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When we how to create a warm and comfortable home in the talk, when we are busy to shop for a variety of favorite furniture and accessories, you can not forget, home of the largest area occupied by two "big man" is the wallpaper and floor. They can freely create different home styles and tastes, reflecting really my personality, so that the overall effect has been unified.wood fencing calculator los angeles
Wallpaper is the new darling of the modern home decoration, beautiful, durable, rich artistic wallpaper, give our lives not only comfortable, convenient, is home taste, style of life and new experience.
In the pursuit of the green environment of the requirements, people demand more high wallpaper. Insiders, and now has introduced new environmentally friendly wall wallpaper, this wallpaper using natural, low-polluting paper material and micro-suspension PVC resin, from the production technology, processes and the use of terms, PVC resin, lead and benzene and other harmful ingredients, compared with other chemical building materials, wallpaper can be said is not toxic, and some domestic strength of wallpaper manufacturers have achieved ISO14001 environmental certification, to ensure that the entire process of production of pollution-free, pollution-free use. According to statistics, developed earlier than our focus on environmental issues, and the use of wallpaper in the amount and area of ​​mostly far beyond our utilization rate in some countries as high as 90%. We can say that the wallpaper is a kind of green products, health products, home safety and health to meet your requirements.buying outdoor decking materials
With the market introduction of a variety of innovative decorations, wallpaper should market demand, the variety and color quality, variety. With floral patterns from nature-based floral wallpaper series, people have a warm feeling of intimacy, creating a cozy comfortable living space, it is welcomed by urban women. Wallpaper sales in the store, is buying a single product ladies said: "Who says you can only use a single life monotonous color dress up the walls at home is always just white blooming color wallpaper and antique furniture together with, still?? you can bring a person's mood life. " In addition, there masonry, wood relief foam, abstract geometric patterns series of wallpaper can freely choose, quasi can ensure that you pick to the satisfaction of the Heart wallpaper.
After a busy day, the first thing home, of course, will take off those shoes and put on slippers or barefoot Ah comfortable embrace of home. Today, in addition to home ground covered with tiles, many more people will choose to shop wooden floor. Among the many wood flooring, cork flooring floor but darling, with its own temperature performance, while its internal structure honeycomb arrangement, the spacing between the balloon is filled with hand cork itself has low conductivity. When people walk on, the pace of contact with the ground, the pace of cork flooring will be slightly sucked floating on top, is unique in terms of filtered indoor noise, not only eliminates noise and reduces friction, thereby extending the use of the floor life.composite deck tiles over grass
It is understood that the family situation before laying the floor the past, only high-end consumer has changed, and now the average family can afford the price of wood shop floor. Interior designers when it comes to the floor, said: "Today the people's cultural level increase, more people know how to enjoy life at home laying of the floor, adding shaggy carpet, chair cushions or added, is able to own any stretch. place, geared by a single person. "

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