”“Barbie has been a little taken for granted by Mattel

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“Barbie is a very nice girl, very pretty, very clean elegant bridesmaid dresses cut, very Caucasian. But girls very often are not as nice as their mothers would want them to be,” said Lutz Muller, owner of toy intelligence firm Klosters Trading Corp. in Williston Hills, Vt.I’ve known my wife Carrie for 11 years, and while four of those years have been spent in matrimony, I’d say two of those have been spent in limbo, consisting of nothing more than me standing by the door waiting for her to get ready. That is, except for tonight. It’s our fourth wedding anniversary and, for a change, she’s actually waiting on me.A Shia LaBoeuf joke, AND a play on the words “cunning partner” … oh Jim Carrey, always doing Canada proud as one of the funniest people in the room.The Book of Other People, a 2007 collection of short fiction edited by Zadie Smith, began with a simple premise: Make someone up.

The contributing authors (Nick Hornby, George Saunders, Jonathan Lethem and others) cooked up characters, fleshing out their descriptions, motivations and interior worlds. As a collection, The Book of Other People was a fine read. But as an exercise it seems redundant. After all, what is fiction if not the art and craft of making stuff up?For those who don’t want to equivocate on 100% Made in Canada, here’s the deal.

There is no grand association of Canadian fashion brands, no master membership directory the way there is in the U.S. But the benefit of my beat is that I’m more knowledgeable than most consumers about what is available, where and for how much. (Caveat: shoes and sweaters are virtually impossible.) This job means I spend time — years, even! — doing that legwork.

So please: Drop me an email or comment below on what you’re looking for — be it jeans for you or your toddler, a suit jacket, a short lace bridesmaid dresses prom dress, and some idea of budget, and maybe what part of the country you’re in — and I will reply with some suggestions.It quoted Ferguson as saying she told Charles about her family background and that the prince then said to her: “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.”When she went to Mr. Armstrong’s apartment later that day, her sneakers were under the coffee table where she’d kicked them off the night before. The next day, when she heard that there was a John Doe or a Jane Doe at Presbyterian Hospital, she ran the whole way there to see if it was Mr. Armstrong. Four days after Sept. 11, they held a mass for him in the chapel at his former high school, Loyola, her sister bought a new black dress and Ms. Nolan said furiously, “’This isn’t his funeral! I don’t want you wearing black!’Think short, ladies! In shoe stores this year, you could see a trend toward flats, including a notable reinterpretation of those chunky Birkenstocks. The first ripple effect would be comfort, of course, but the changes are more profound, notes Virginia Smith, Vogue’s fashion market and accessories director: “Every woman wants a flat right now, and that has a big impact on fashion because it changes proportion.” Another trend: pixie hair, on everyone from Michelle Williams to Anne Hathaway to Jennifer Lawrence. “It will have an effect beyond celebrity and the runway,” Smith says. “A lot of these women are very influential.”2. A Twiggy-esque shift dress: Since the collection is entirely made up of dresses, we think a boxy Twiggy-style shift dress should make more than one appearance. Though designing a shape only 1% of the population can wear (for a mass-market brand) seems like it wouldn’t make sense, Deschanel’s fashion choices never quite make sense — long lace bridesmaid dresses that’s part of her charm.-The trailer for the Arthur remake starring Russell Brand and Helen Mirren is out — and it’s not a terrible-looking as I was expecting. Huh.“There’s been an over-reaction to these photos. What we see is a young couple, who just got married, who are very much in love, who are splendid,” Pieau told French BFM television.“I just didn’t want to conflict,” he said of West’s much-anticipated Madison Square Garden show. “I didn’t know what would be in store.”“Barbie has been a little taken for granted by Mattel. It was the cash cow that could never possibly fail, so it was starved of funds that were used for other things within the Mattel empire,” he said, pointing to new franchises such as Mattel’s ghoulish Monster High — based on the children of monsters such as Dracula — and Disney Princess, which have topped Barbie in the fashion doll market.What faces Canadians as we grudgingly drag ourselves to the polls for the fourth time in seven years is which majority shall lead: A coalition of two or three losing parties with a majority of seats or, a single “minority-majority” party with a plurality of seats?Coalitions, per se, are legitimate; indeed, we experienced one under prime minister Robert Borden in 1917. But would a stealth coalition of the losing opposing parties be regarded as legitimate in the eyes of the Canadian electorate? I think not, because this is implicitly what was not voted for.In order to square the circle and attain crucial legitimacy, the recourse is not to the courts but to the Canadian people themselves; that is, a constitutional initiative to decide the legitimacy of coalition governments, once and for all, especially if our near-to-long-term future involves serial minority government. A.

John Boehmer, Gatineau, Que.

”“Barbie has been a little taken for granted by Mattel

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