Urban rural market

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Urban rural market demand saturation touted The second is a largely rural touted low-end market. Recently about "Building the countryside" has been written to the central "document" was a lot of news outdoor garden wooden dividers fencing Philippines media outlets, the media called "Building the countryside" is the "home appliances" and "car to the countryside" after a further expansion of domestic demand major initiatives, many industry insiders have also considered the floor, through the "countryside" in the east, more vast rural market is bound to be developed.

But it has always been to "high-end" as the goal of flooring brands fought to enter the low-end market, the appropriateness? Opponents mainly worried about the floor for the first-line brands, it would undermine its high-end image. Moreover, when it comes to the countryside, the price will balcony floor installation price naturally be "down" come, in the limited purchasing power of the rural situation, a prominent contradiction is difficult to resolve: high quality, high price, low-end rural consumers can not acceptance; low-quality, low prices, corporate profits and the floor can not support.

They also spend a lot of manpower and resources to worry about, to win a portion of the low-end market, but lost the dominant position in the high-end market. But the most favorable opinion, the industry composite outdoor deck floor materials believes that: on the one hand because the Chinese flooring market is become popular, consumers will focus on the low-end market, the appropriate lower profile, enter the low-end is a wise move. On the other hand, for many first-line flooring brands, strong brand image, accumulated over the years technologies are an advantage.

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