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Are you starting play Dark Scape? You ask what is Dark Scape? You are totally out of time. darkscape gold is the great new game content of Runescape, a new twist of Runescape. Once you enter into, you will be rounded by danger lurks, note that your friends can even be enemies.

Dark Scape is a survival based game with an open PvP map broken down into three main areas where by players of all types can join in, whether you're a PKer, Skiller, or just wanting some fun.

It is open to anyone, meaning you do not need to be a member to enjoy this game. Areas, quests and skills that would normally require members access in Runescape, do not require membership to access on Dark Scape-the entire game is open to everyone.

Dark Scape is broken down into three areas where you have access to different resources and content, low threat, medium threat and high risk area. Each of these areas have benefits and consequences depending on what you do. Each area also has their own economy, and bank access. You can only use each bank section in the designated area, meaning there's greater risk involved when transferring items from one area to another.

Others, Guards patrol most populated towns and cities, who will automatically attack any player with a skull. Guards are extremely hard to kill at a low level, so if you're skulled, it's best to avoid them. You cannot teleport while holding supplies. This stops players from smuggling items between areas easier.

Games necklaces can be used to safely teleport in low and medium risk areas while you are holding items in your inventory. Teletabs provide teleports to most areas and provide a quick escape out of combat.

Each district has their own grand exchange and bank, this means some resources can only be accessed in certain areas. You cannot access another areas bank tab to withdraw items if you're not in that area.

Since Chronicle's inception, we've been committed to iterative, active development. Now, as we adapt for Chronicle entering bankrupt beta next month, we're abundantly aflame to accessible the bold up to added RuneScape admirers and those searching for something new to accompany us in creating something special. In demography the bold to the next stage, and affable ascribe from a abundant added audience, we accept we can actualize a hasty and absolutely different acquaintance for all gamers. - Advance Designer, Jim Sweatman

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Features:

- Pick up and play combo gameplay

- Hundreds of unique cards

- Expansive deck building

- Challenging offline Gauntlet mode

- Immersive visuals

- Deep crafting tools

The closed beta sign-ups are now live and anyone can sign up for being a part of the closed beta. However, spots are limited so not everyone will get into it. This is a multi-platform title as well, so while it is coming to Android, it will also be available for iOS and PC gamers. The official start date for the closed beta hasn't been announced yet, but it will be starting November 2015.

The price of gold today:

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