Instantfuns will bring Mega Pokemon Mewtwo to players worldwide

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Like a lot of location trackers, GymHuntr has interactive maps of real-world locations. What differentiates it from similar services is its live emphasis on what’s happening at gyms around the world, not just the Pokemon game roaming around.

Hopefully you now have a Moltres, which means that’s one Mega Pokemon down, and three to go. If you didn’t catch Articuno already, you missed your chance. Zapdos is on its way, though, and Lugia is still available.

Instantfuns will bring Mega Pokemon Mewtwo to players worldwide, introducing a Pokemon promised long before the game first launched.

Pokemon online has a new way to shame cheaters.

But all of that happened in the original show too, as Pokemon fans will remember. And what’s even better is what happened next: Ash saved Pikachu from a pack of Spearow and Fearow, a major turning point in their friendship. That’s the part of the trailer where viewers will probably get teary-eyed.

Correction: Lucario is a fourth-gen Pokemon, not third-gen. Point still stands: It sure wasn’t in the original anime.

It was the internet connectivity issue that the developer had the most trouble tackling. With partners like Sprint on board to help pump out extra network coverage, it sounds like Instantfuns expected its needs to be covered. But it seems that none of the organizers could properly anticipate the extent to which attendees would be hogging all that data.

Other commenters took issue with Nick’s assertion that Pokemon Mega is unfair in the same way that life is.

As one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Pokemon Mega will likely always be polarizing. It remains to be seen how Pokemon Mewtwo and other Mega Pokemon splinter the community.

You’ll need to use a Raid Battle pass to gain access to the battle against Zapdos. You can team up with a party of up to 20 Pokemon players for this, and it’s best to recruit as many other trainers as possible. Zapdos isn’t going to go down easy, especially if you’re not a top-level player.

It’s not clear if this Twitter user is cb325’s little brother, but he showed what looks like evidence of the evolution trick in a pair of tweets.

If you would like further information on Pokemon Mega, visit http://pm.instantfuns.com.

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