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There are different tools can identify redgem, here, I will walk you through some popular tools.

1. tactical flashlight: to observe thetransparency of concentrated color gemstones. Flashlight bulb condenser surfaceshould be concaved, not written protruding surface, otherwise not easy toobserve..

2. Magnifier: It is one of the most usedgem magnified observation instrument. The most commonly used is 10 times themagnifying glass, as well as 20 and 30 several times. Magnifier is a key tooland the essential thing to gem experts, easy to carry. It can be used toidentify the variety and authenticity of gemstones. It can magnifying and observe:(1) surface damage stones, scratches, defects. (2) the quality of cut type. (3)the quality of polishing. (4) gem internal defects, inclusions. (5) Colordistribution and growth lines. When identified, it should be placed under thegem from 10x magnification of about 2.5 cm glare, slowly adjust the distance,until see so far. Select the magnifying glass quality is also very important,with poor quality when they are enlarged to produce graphics distortion.

3. Dichroic mirror: Some gems havepleochroism, the best instrument to observe multicolor gemstone is dichroicmirror. Dichroic mirror is a reasonable, cheap, small and simple opticalinstruments. Dichroic mirror using a suitable transparent colorless calcite(Iceland spar) rhombohedral, due to the high birefringence of Iceland spar, theinstrument can be passed through two plane polarized light to separate stones.Requirements must be transparent colored gems to be able to detect a singlecrystal multicolor, multicolor jade can not be detected. Dichroic mirror ismainly used to distinguish ruby ​​and red spinel, red purple teeth black; thedifference between blue spinel and tiny blue tourmaline; the difference betweenblue sapphire and synthetic spinel. Detection with dichroic mirror mustcontinue to rotate gems stones, until the two biggest differences color appearsin the window so far. For the three-color gemstone identification, must becarefully repeated testing, viewed from three different directions, there isthe tricolor of three colors. Detecting Note: eyes, dichroic mirrors andprecious stones sample, the distance should not exceed 2-5 mm.

4. Refractometers: Refractive index is atransparent gem important optical constants, is the main basis foridentification of gem varieties. Refractive index measurement methods aremainly two: one is direct measurement with refractometer measurement; the otheris a relative measurement method, with the liquid immersion method. Refractometeris based on the principle of total reflection of light manufacturing. Commonrefractometer is only applicable to a refractive index of gemstones within1.36-1.81 range. Gem of the refractive index (N) is calculated as the lightpropagation velocity (V1) in the air and propagation velocity (V2) of the gemsin a constant ratio, that is, N = V1 / V2. Homogeneous body gem, in which thelight propagation, constant propagation velocity, refractive index equal,called single refractive index. Heterogeneous body gem, there are two readingsin the refractometer, the difference between the maximum and minimum values​​of the refractive index between the refractive index called the double.Refractometer is one of the most commonly used instrument gemologists, it’ssmall, easy to use. He can test the refractive index of faceted gem, you canalso use spot metering method to measure the refractive index of the arc gem.

Aside from these tools,UV flashlight can also be a good tool. You can see the inner structure of the stone with the UV flashlight.

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