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Slingshot's Jarek "DeKay" Lewis interviewed the Dan "apEX" Madesclaire at the end of the ESL Pro League, talking about some of the feelings of the game and the perception of the opponent.

Q: Is this score for 3-1 within your expected range? Or the score is expected to be closer to some.

A: North's map pool is the same as us, cs go Verweiscode so we are still very confident in the pull, but in the course of the game is simple and simple. They began to perform very well on the Cache, K0nfig won a lot of kill, especially in the B package point. But we understand that we will be in the T side of the performance was even better, so this is still somewhat acceptable to lose. In the town of purgatory, although the process bumps, but we have a good defense in the CT side. The castle is one of the best maps we played, so we were glad they chose this picture.

Q: I have noticed that when you play the CT defense, you are standing on the basis of mutual estimates, rather than decentralized defense. Is this a particular game style or tactics?
A: After two weeks of DreamHack Tours, die besten cs go seiten we have talked about a lot of improvements in the CT side. Although our CT side did not behave badly, but in the defense process is not very smooth. So we try to use the T side of the way to play CT defense: in the advantage of slowing down the rhythm, get the information when the gun. Some teams do not have a whole teamwork on defense, just like North, they are great, but they are too scattered as a defender.

Q: I believe a lot of people are the same as my point of view: KennyS is the best sniper in the world. What is your opinion about such a great thing?

A: When we started working, I told myself to do my best to support him. In the game I will try to tell him specific information, for his burst flash, hit a breakthrough. And this way is indeed able to achieve the desired results, in TiTan, EnVyUs are so. I do not know if we can see, but I really do my best to support him.

Q: What do you think of Smithzz as your coach?

A: In France we are the bulk of the industry, which is one of the reasons we did not hire a coach. Smithzz is the French veteran professional player, he has a wealth of experience, he knows how to lead a team to win. We listen to his advice and work with his request. He knows us very well and can put us in the best position to play our best performance.

Q: If you enter Major, you most want to fight with which team?

A: personally feel that the best condition is to beat SK in the quarterfinals, beat FaZe in the semifinals and beat Astralis in the finals. We want to be the best team in the world, but we will not put too much pressure on ourselves. As long as we work hard, everything will happen.

Q: Yesterday I saw you very excited when watching Team Liquid and North, and it looks like you are very concerned about their game results.

A: Probably because I hope Liquid will win this game so that we will not like each other for North.

Q: Do you dislike each other?

A: Yes. We feel that North is too arrogant. They are even reluctant to talk to people after winning EPICENTER. We do not like the arrogant guy. SK has a proud result did not show so. So this is more determined to win our belief.

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