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relationship, also known as the group, this is not excessive, but Yuan Yide pointed out that there is not Less business in the signing, promotion, release "smoke bomb" called "group", in fact, completely nothing, just toRecently, the floor brands have in the terminal store price promotions. And face their own price behavior,Choose Your Wood Plastic Garage Flooring a lot of brand floor responsible person said it was only temporary price none other, some people also attributed to the impact of the financial turmoil, the floor market sales and other reasons. However, that is, in this "financial psychological" factors under the influence of the newly floated floor grid once again fell into the abyss. It is
understood that since the end of last year, many of our country to strengthen the floor industry prices continued for the first time in many years down. According to the media published data show that: due to some of their own brand advantage, price cuts will be flat with last year, that is, to maintain the floor in the minimum 70 ~ 80 yuan / square, solid wood composite floor 150 ~ 160 yuan / square,Wood Plastic Garden Decking solid wood floor 200 Yuan / square range. In addition, 38 yuan / square meters of laminate flooring once introduced, the industry many floor manufacturers without step exclaimed, the flooring industry will be the same as the stock will fall below the bottom.
If people do not make all aspects of adjustment, then it will also lead to a number of small and medium-sized flooring manufacturers directly into the "suspension." Of course, even worse in the network roar out of the "lower than the 38 yuan floor," this time, the flooring industry once again committed to the loss of self-made "price war old trouble.Cheap WPC Flooring for Outdoor" "Good scars forget the pain." With this popular proverb to describe the current Chinese flooring seems to be no exaggeration. From the 2006 "European Code incident", the floor industry suffered a crisis of integrity, the price fell sharply. After nearly two years of hard work, the floor from the shape of the
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