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  • The soccer league for kids in AfricaDatum01.12.2017 03:18
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    I read an interesting article that said that the NFL will always struggle outside of the US largely because of the cost of kids programs. If you want a kid's soccer league in Africa or South America, you just need a ball and some poles. Basketball is a step up needing an actual hoop and somewhat needing a slab. Football is super expensive to outfit a ton of kids with their own pads, gear, helmets, etc. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-mobile-coins

    I've been watching way more basketball the last few years than football. There's more games, it's more fun, people aren't ruining their brains. It's just a better product. It'll never overtake rugby in the rest of the world so it's audience can really only get smaller. The TV experience is so much better too. red zone channel is the best thing on tv, but watching one football game by itself is boring compared to an NBA game.

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Rocket League continues to grow at a fast pace. Dunham said that about a fourth of the 29 million registered players were from February of this year. This is part of the reason there are no plans to begin development on Rocket League 2 or a similar replacement.Why would we want to take this huge community that we've already built, that's still growing, and say, 'What you're playing now is going to be irrelevant in 12 months, but we want you to stop what you're doing, giving us money all over again, and move over to this other game.' That's not the right way to do things. I think that era of games has passed. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    Dunham continued on to say that Psyonix is trying to find and develop new features for Rocket League, particularly ones that are much farther along the game's lifespan. Psyonix wants to drive the support and content around the title for many more years.Our goal was to keep making Rocket League better and better so that we don't lose any of the people that want to play. If they're playing our game, we're not going to penalize them and make them buy our game again just because we want to add a couple new features. We want to let them know we're in it for the long haul, if they're in it for the long haul.

  • Six new goals and trophiesDatum29.11.2017 02:45
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Here are all the contents available in the Anniversary Update of Rocket League: A series of FREE personalization items dedicated to Rick and Morty, distributed as common drops after online and offline games, including Rick and Morty antennas, Cromulon topper, and Mr. Meeseeks and Mr. PBH , the Interdimensional GB boost and the Sanchez DC-137 wheels. The Rocket League Radio, which adds a new Rocket League x Monstercat musical playlist, with 18 new songs on the EDM Monstercat music label. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

    The new Battle-Car to import Animus GP and Centio V17, available exclusively as a drop in the new Overdrive Crate. New Overdrive Crate with the ability to unlock animated decals, new slides, and more. New customization options, including Engine Audio, Goal Explosions, and Trails: a mix of FREE and drop selections. Competitive Season 4 term and prize races distributed to the players who participated, based on the highest level reached. Start of the Competitive Season 5 with new changes. Six new goals and trophies. And so on!

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Rocket League is a very beautiful racing racing game, the game player can fully experience the speed and passion of the car experience. Rocket alliance or a racing class racing game, is the picture is more exaggerated, but the game as a whole is still quite good, the following I will come to tell you about the Rocket League fun and the game all-round graphic evaluation, welcome you Players come to reference. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    First of all, in addition to the car to replace people to play, "Rocket League" rules of the game with the general football game is very different: players will be in a completely closed green stadium, the game is not out of bounds, and no foul The only thing we have to do is win the game. There is no fixed goalkeeper in the game, the player can choose SOLO or 4V4 of the war, each "players" no fixed position can be free to play. Of course, in order to win you must be unscrupulous.

  • The Game Is Selling WellDatum27.11.2017 03:05
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    In the spring of 1983, EA released the first games: "Hard Hat Mack", "Pinball Construction Set", "Archon", "M.U.L.E.", "Worms" and "Murder on the Zinderneuf". The game uses a specially crafted folding card that writes the designer's name on the front cover, while the beautifully designed picture gives these games like a disco-like appearance. The first six games, three eventually entered the electronic game century reputation list, one of which became one of the best-selling game. https://www.lolga.com

    In the same year, the United States Electronic Arts produced a basketball game "One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird". With the participation of sports stars Julius Owen and Larry Bird, the game is selling well. The success of the game to promote the birth of EA Sports brand, and opened with the sports star rally for the game to promote the precedent. Subsequently, a series of authorized sports games followed, including "One on One: Jordan vs. Bird", "Ferrari Formula One", "Richard Petty's Talladega", "Earl Weaver Baseball" and so on.

  • Odell Phenomenon Of Sports TalentDatum25.11.2017 07:36
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Nike has signed a five-year, $29 million contract with NFL New York giants player Odell Beckham for $5 million a year. A contract for the most valuable shoe endorsement in the history of professional football was born. The contract will have a partial incentive clause in the contract, which will ultimately be $48 million in eight years. As a result, little Beckham has become the highest-paid player in the NFL. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-mobile-coins

    Odell Beckham was born in a family of sports in baton rouge, Louisiana. His father, alder-beckham, was a high school star at Marshall high school in Texas, and he ran for Louisiana state university in college. He was also his roommate, and he had a star godfather. Beckham's mother, a track and field athlete at Louisiana state university, is now a track coach at a university.

    Odell phenomenon of sports talent made him in high school in football, basketball and track and field team at the same time, he also loved football, David phenomenon is his childhood idol, but in the end he still choose to put energy into football.

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    For basketball fans, the NBA, one of the world's best leagues, has always been a focus. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nba-live-mobile-coins

    Basketball fans are happy to continue this passion in the game, and the system of the NBA is a good entry point. On end to swim platform game of basketball with technology constantly improve the quality of the game, and launch of the annual work on a regular basis, and at the same time, mobile platforms is very rare to have the same mass quality hand tour.

    There are some basketball mobile game trying to dig out some novel gameplay, but it's hard to meet the needs of most fans. What the players want is an orthodox, realistic, pure basketball mobile game, a quality game that can draw a line with the rest of the lower-end basketball mobile game.

  • The Defensive Pole ArrayDatum23.11.2017 02:58
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The ultimate goal of the rugby game is to score. There are four ways to score. Touchdown (touchdown) 6 points, is the most important way to score, and can win an extra point kick (extra point). To touch the array, the ball must be the ball so that the ball touched the other polar array. Common is the attacking side of the ball into the defensive pole array or spread to the defensive side of the ball was attacked by the attacker received. As well as the attacking side of the offensive and defensive side by the defensive side into the polar array, or kick-off by the offensive team into the pole of the situation. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    When a team touchdowns can also get a chance to add points kick, that is, shooting at the free throw point, if the ball into the two goal post, the beam above the area, you can get another 1 point. In addition to extra points kick, you can also choose another way to score, that is, two points conversion. That is, in the sub-kick position to the general offensive way to advance, such as scored the other pole array was two points. Because this way is more difficult, the general team have chosen to add points kick.

  • You Need To Buy EA Access MembersDatum22.11.2017 02:39
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    When is FIFA 18 released? FIFA 18 will be released worldwide on September 29. But there are two ways you can get FIFA18 in advance. The Ronaldo version of FIFA 18 comes with fantasy team content. This is in line with EA's consistent style, the Ronaldo version of FIFA 18, which launched on Tuesday at the end of September. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/fifa-18-coins

    If the first is not fast enough, then you need to buy EA Access members. If you buy one of the members, you'll get 10 hours of trial time starting on Thursday, September 21. If you're a PS4 player, the first time you're in FIFA18 is September 26.

  • Pay Great Attention To Player MatchingDatum21.11.2017 02:57
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Depending on EA Sports' web server, Madden NFL 2004 provides a very new network component for players. Game allows you to organize online community, can organize the list of "friends" to let the other players to join your club, and if you want to match, the server will automatically match the other players in the you and your community, for the game. The Madden NFL 2004 online multiplayer options pay great attention to player matching, race was able to be quickly, if you and your corporate partner arrange the match, and rival just not at, you will be rested, and season will continue. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    In addition to the PC version of the Madden NFL 2004 formidable deception "suspended", some will surely fail players will take advantage of this loophole call pause, tired of the endless waiting until rivals, withdrawal from the competition. Now players can only suspend limited the number of times, and suspension of multiplayer games will have a time limit, if your opponent is want to let you quit the game through suspension, you can force him over a period of time after the termination of suspended, continue to the fate of his failure. Madden NFL 2004 will be available later this year.

  • This Is A New Feature For Season 2Datum20.11.2017 02:35
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The second season of NBA LIVE can improve the team's ability by gradually training existing players, improving their skills and rankings. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nba-live-mobile-coins

    Coach and Bench Players as Additional Elements: this is a new feature for season 2. Game new coach and the bench may also affect the mechanism of action, such as the player has four attributes of the ball player, if in combination with a ball in the style of coach, the team's overall speed and 3-point shooting will add by 4 points; Players can play a more strategic game with different players and coaches. This mechanism can also be a decisive factor in the last few seconds.

    AI Improvements: artificial intelligence and the CPU will be synchronized to upgrade, some basic movements such as dribbling, shooting, etc., will significantly improve, players can borrow by simple operation, grasp the rhythm, pitch experience like a real feeling of exciting game. Add "Reputation" : in addition to the existing NBA Cash and gold COINS, players will be able to strengthen their lineup through their newly added reputations, and Reputation can be earned after every game.

  • The Rocket League Entity VersionDatum18.11.2017 07:30
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The Rocket League entity version is called Rocket League: Collector's Edition. In addition to containing the original game, the Rocket League also includes DLC packages such as "Supersound wrath", "Chariot vengeance" and "Chaotic race". The physical version of Rocket League will be sold by 505 Games. The distributor is also responsible for selling Terraria and Stardew Valley. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    The best-selling platform for Rocket League remains the digital platform. Since its launch, Rocket League has sold more than 9.5 million copies of Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. Psyonix told the media: "Most of the buyers are new users except for some of the older players who buy the physical version. Jeremy Dunham, vice President of the studio, said the results were based on tracking new accounts and comparing sales of physical and digital versions."

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The golden state warriors superstar Kevin durant has been named as the winner of a prestigious American fashion magazine. He was also named the fashion magazine's winner of the year. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    2017 will be a bumper year for Durant. He chose to leave the Oklahoma city thunder last summer. Then he joined the golden state warriors. Durant teamed up with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to form the "big four". Although Durant's choice drew criticism and skepticism at the time, it was clear that he had achieved his dream of success.

  • Damien Lillard Has A Great AbilityDatum16.11.2017 03:12
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Damien Lillard is in good physical condition, strong body playing defender has an advantage, excellent wingspan, speed is excellent level, in the fast attack in the impact of full; ball control technology is very good, Passing the trust, break the ball is his kill strokes. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    Damien Lillard's rookie season is absolutely amazing, as a rare senior graduate, Lillard and Tim Duncan, Roy, like, in the NBA is almost seamless docking, adaptability Amazing: playing 82 games, averaging 38.6 minutes playing time, and Kobe Bryant tied for second place; total playing time 3166 minutes is the 1997-98 season after Duncan played the most rookie.

    Lilard mature and calm, the key moment is the Blazers lethal weapons. Damien Lillard is one of the best young people in the league, and he has a great chance of being selected for the national team. Lillard changed the Portland Trail Blazers, and he made it possible for the future of the Blazers to become everything.

    The young-born guard with the cold-blooded killer seems to be born for the big scene, although only two years into the league, Lillard has shown as a leader of the ability and temperament. Damien Lillard's calm surpassed his age. Damien Lillard can score, but also to control the team, is a great pitcher, and he has a great ability to end.

  • The Chinese Young ManDatum15.11.2017 02:56
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Playing a crazy all-star weekend after finally to the time to impact the playoffs. Before the end of the transaction, I was in exchange for Hardaway for the next season to prepare, while the Rockets in my concern is also continuing a magical season, the final results of the regular season into the playoffs. As I expected, after the first game of the first three games, our team received a notice, including all the prizes can get. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    In the day of July 1, NBA will list all the players retired players, if the team who felt that he made an outstanding contribution to the team, then you choose to let his jersey retired it. The end of the game the first two days, is the draft order draw, because the Rockets last season's performance is too good, certainly the last draft, so I do not see the order of the lottery, jump directly to the "new people to explore" I told me that the Chinese young man K. Chow called the team and the players in my hand came to the field one by one and found that he did well, I told him, no matter how, I will change him to me Of the team.

    If there is no good overall position, then do not waste their hands in the draft when the number of players, and directly skip the choice, but to remember someone else selected the first few rookie, ready to go and they exchange back to training. After the election show to the free time to sign the free time, every year this time there will be a lot of famous players or hope that the trip to trip a free agent of muddy water to find their own more satisfied with the contract.

  • MVP Award Finally AnnouncedDatum14.11.2017 03:05
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    June 27, NBA regular season MVP award officially announced, Russell - Westbrook won a total of 69 first ballot, 19 second vote, total score 888 far ahead; Harden got 22 first votes, 69 second votes, total score of 753 points; Leonard got 9 first ballot, 9 second ballot, 52 third ballot, a total score of 500 points; LeBron got a first ballot, 4 Two votes, a total score of 333 points; small Thomas did not have the first and second ballot, a total score of 81 points. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    NBA first regular season awards awards ceremony, MVP award finally announced, rocket star Harden again frustrated. NBA conventional awards rocket even in the ternary alone Deng brother frustrated black shell defense for a while. Last time, Harden infinitely close to MVP is the 2014-15 season, when he lost to the Warriors star library. The final library in the vote to get 1198 points, ranked first. Harden 936 points, ranked No. 2.

  • Click On The Text Box To Enter The ChatDatum13.11.2017 02:29
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The function of the introduction of the NBA LIVE league:

    If you want to join the alliance, you must apply first. Click the "apply" button on the league name to apply. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nba-live-mobile-coins

    After applying, the director of the alliance will receive your application and decide whether or not to accept you as a member of the league. After the application is approved, you will receive the message.

    Players can chat with other members in real time. Click on the text box to enter the chat. You can also ban the alliance members by clicking on the message and choosing a forbidden way.

    If a member is banned, the operation can be done in an alliance Settings interface.

  • Harden Is Shooting In A Variety Of WaysDatum11.11.2017 07:31
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    James Harden is a deadly pick-and-roll defender, able to break or cast three points; fouls ability to first-class, habit of sticky ball, easy mistakes; defensive effort, easy to go and lack of height. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    Harden is an excellent pitcher, a scorer who has no one at home, he has height, he is shooting a variety of ways, good at the score against the body.

    If Harden wants to be a real superstar, then he needs to improve the defensive ability, Howard's presence will help Harden complete the defensive transformation.

    Can predict Harden will be more and more terrible, as long as to avoid injury, Harden has the ability to lead the rocket into the second round or go farther. Rockets since the 90s of last century in the leadership of the leader after the failure to win, and Harden is expected to make the rocket closer to the last glory.

    James Harden has been attacking the team, and for himself, he only needs to be a real leader in the field, he is an MVP candidate.

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    What is also separated from the football match with FIFA is the initial learning curve. The football game is getting more and more complicated, which hinders the attempt of new players. The Rockets Alliance is a game where anyone can pick up it because it lacks affiliate professionals who will use FIFA players on a regular basis. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    Half of the Rocket League surrounds a football into a goal, which makes it sound like FIFA or PES. However, not from professional athletes from all over the world, but driving a rocket engine about a quarter of the size of the ball, you can hit someone else (without fouls) through the air, like a dolphin. For the local multiplayer game, the Rockets have as many as four split-screen action, so you and your friends can have fun, whether someone quit, or opened the epic preservation.

  • Video Assistant RefereesDatum09.11.2017 07:21
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    UEFA held an election meeting, the Slovenian Football Association President Alex Sandel - Chiefelin eventually elected a new UEFA president.The 48-year-old Chiefelin was a lawyer who defeated Van Prague, the Dutch Football Association president, and 42 of the 55 votes were voted on to take the absolute advantage.Former UEFA President Michel Platini, who was arrested for corruption, and Blatter stepped down, after the appeal, Platini's ban was reduced to four years, today's election meeting, Platini also did Resigned speech, he still Xuancheng himself is innocent. https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18-coins

    It is worth mentioning that Chiefelin will fulfill the two-and-a-half term of the original Platini, when UEFA will re-elect the chairman.FIFA President Vientiane announced that the 2018 Russian World Cup will introduce video assistant referees (VARs)."We will use the video assistant referee at the World Cup in Russia, because all of our current receipts are positive feedback," said Van Tino.Russian World Cup will introduce video assistant referee Russian World Cup will introduce video assistant referee

    It is reported that the video referee will apply to the following four kinds of situations: scoring, red card, referee mistaken players and penalty penalties.The end of the World Club Cup, video referee was first introduced to the FIFA tournament. Last month, in the Spanish game against France, the video referee was used to correct the two penalties. Many countries of the club tournament also began to use the video referee, earlier this month, Australia over the first into the video referee of the domestic first-class league.

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