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  • Brady replaced the injured DrublessoDatum07.09.2017 05:04
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    Tom Brady, born August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California, American football Four, has been effective since 2000 in the NFL's New England Patriots. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    Brady graduated from Yuni Perosella High School and then went to the University of Michigan, where he was nicknamed The Comeback Kid for often stepped leading the team in the big school team, and in 1999 led the University of Michigan Wolverine to the Orange Bowl of one of the four NCAA cups.

    In the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady was selected by the New England Patriots in sixth round 199 as a substitute for the four-point guard. In the 2001 season, Brady replaced the injured Drublesso as the starting four quarterback and led the Patriots to 5 Super Bowl and 2 runners-up in the next 16 years, and the individual 4 times as the Super Bowl MVP, known as the greatest four quarterback in NFL history. He was ranked as the best athlete of the Year by Sports Illustrated in 2005 and was named one of the 100 celebrities in 2006 by Forbes magazine. He was also regarded as one of the most proud alumni of the University of Michigan.

  • A team that tripped over the Super BowlDatum06.09.2017 05:18
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    Not many of the team's OVR ratings are higher than most of the more important players on their list. Not many teams are like the Tampa Bay Pirates; A team that tripped over the Super Bowl a few years ago made most experts confused on this day. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    This is not to say that there are not a lot of interesting players in this Bucs team to pay attention to. Jameis Winston (Bayi OVR) was ready to put down the crab leg and stride to receive the receiver. Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson may be a powerful two-person group, helping the team get a lot of touchdowns. Dougmadin represents the biggest gap between the highest NFL talent and the boring names in the NFL.

    Martin 18-year-old Jackson (18-year-old) best player, Bruce is located in the middle position. The differences between the 1th and 17th weeks should be interesting.

  • The team has a strong focus on securityDatum05.09.2017 05:34
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    Buffalo has not been able to make it to the playoffs since 1999, and the boss's anger has been lost until the end of last season, and the manager has been fired directly. In addition to that, the management of the bill changed it in and out, and general manager Doug Wiley, who had been working with McDermott for some time with the Panthers, because he and the new manager Sean McDermott would have been kicked out of the squad. He witnessed McDermott's growth as a good defensive team coach. In addition, the team hired a new attacking team coach Leslie Fraser, the coach of Dennison and defensive team, and Bob-Bobby and Juan-Castillo, who had previously held positions in other teams, almost cleaned out all of Rex Ryan's cronies. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    In the free market, the biggest deal this summer was with the RAM, the eagle, great blood. With the still-diseased Sami-Walter Gold, the ram's horn-E. J. Geensga next year's second round of picks, with the horn Wieronade-Danone in exchange for the Eagle's outside take over Jordan-Matthews plus next year's third round of election rights, although the strength of a slight drop but holding multiple draft signature bill future bright. In addition to the team early renewal of the main four points Wieterode-Taylor, signed Ancan-Boulding and Andrei-Holmes continue to enrich their catch weapons. The team has a strong focus on security, and the Maica-Hyde and Jordan-Poyelle will be the last line of defense for the team's new season.

    Admittedly, the two years of four Wieterode-Taylor did play the highest level of career, but compared to running Willerschown-McCoy, I think the former is a little bit worse. McCoy has a nickname called "Shady", meaning to run up you can only capture his shadow, he has played the Eagle team for 6 years now is the history of the ball code king. Last season McCoy scored 1267 yards and 13 touchdowns, averaging 5.41 yards, and the status was at its peak. His ball is very ornamental, seemingly bulky he can use the light pace of the flash to play between the defensive players, opponents and even clothes can not touch, this guy's mobile attributes extremely high, it is worth noting that he can be a lot of breakthrough every season to grab. The 29-year-old is still one of the league's strongest running guards, and, as Bill's top offensive weapon, the injury may be the only opponent who can stop him.

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    If you are lucky, you will be in the same or similar position at the next Kick-off. Use it to breed the target and get a comfortable lead and then defend the rest of the game. Use these tips and use the reboot technique; the latter is especially necessary because it gives you an important safety net. Once you win the final game of the Rockets league playoffs, the trophy will be unlocked. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    This is usually difficult, because there is no room for error, but when you have no objections, all of this will change. So, simply hit a target and run out of the clock. You may get this trophy, anyhow, to do other miscellaneous and game-related trophies of the task, but if you don't, when you're done, or you lose a game, you absolutely will win this trophy and finish the final grind

    Start an exhibition game, the robot shuts down. Put the ball straight into the goal. Repeat these steps more than 5 times. Once you get a sixth goal, the trophy will be unlocked.

    This will go into stocked. When you finish a game, you will get a project. Have the chance to be a chariot. A total of 11. The top 10 unlock through normal progress; finish the game last, sweet teeth, unlock by completing a game with four bodies unlocked from the beginning. These are:

    You can track the number of times that each body in the garage is won in the main menu, although this data does not calculate the loss. When hovering over the body, it will show you how many victories you have. Once you win your last chariot, the trophy will be unlocked.

  • Earn Cash In Madden NFL MobileDatum02.09.2017 10:14
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    In Madden NFL Mobile, you can earn cash and some coins for every game you play. While we all like Madden NFL Mobile, we have now found several incredible points that will allow you to do better in Madden NFL mobile without attacking. For developers, this is not a simple thing for developers, so everyone on our team is very cynical. It's hard for our team to find the easiest way to make it safe in your instance and get cash and coins completely free. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    If you try to use an untrusted Web site to invade the Madden phone, your account will be banned. If you like this article, you will want to receive detailed information about how to break XP in the Madden phone, I implore you to visit the Web page. Once you follow step 2, you can see that the button continues to close the measurement and you can see the Madden mobile online builder GUI that can accept your prerequisites, just enter the game you will need to enter and press create button.

    Why it is necessary to use an agent to choose a Madden NFL mobile hacker. So in order to solve this problem we have now created a solution for this game, by creating Madden cellular hacker tools that may bring you plenty of cash and crazy moving coins. Enter Madden Mobile Hacker online and then choose cash, endurance and coins; Your gaming device is ready to connect to your own computer.

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    Force rating is more important than ever in Madden NFL 18 - now it determines the ability of defenders to move away from the blocker (do not pass through the blocker). The difference between STR and STR will determine when a defender can get out of the catch of a blocker when he wants to get away from the blocker. Impact Block, with the addition of the Stick to Offense Block and the "Blow-Up / Submarine Blocker Mechanism" in defense, both offensive and defensive players will be classified in the Impact Block (IMP) category. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins/nfl18-mobile-coins

    This evaluation will be used in a body weight formula and motion rate for both blockers and defenders to determine the results of moving blocks when the block or defender works faster than a jog speed.Keep your strong O-line in MUT nominated and MUT Draft and to stay on top of AWR progression in franchise mode or suffer the consequences of having a 'Unit that is not on the same page as it collects blitzes. Any offensive liner will tell you that the unit is just as good as its center.

    Consequently, the Center's awareness of the Center is twice as important as any other, and its assessment will change the total average up or down by replacing the AWR's lowest nominal pointer rating in the unit. If you want your O-line to play together and recognize those protective heaters, you want to make sure that you have that critical maze in the center that can get its linemates on the same page.

  • The information about Madden MobileDatum31.08.2017 08:34
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    Gets all information about Madden Mobile. Learn about game control, coins, Madden Cash, packs, auctions, your lineup and so on.

    Use an analog stick or touch control to control the player at the scene. When you control a player, you touch the simulator for the first time to set the player's running direction. The second touch will be direction and speed. If you open the touch control, click a location on the field you want to move. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-mobile-coins

    Endurance is the currency of how you do things in the game. Each action, such as playing the season, takes a certain amount of stamina. Endurance regenerate yourself every minute, and you'll get one back. Do you need stamina faster than that? Buy faster regeneration rates by clicking on the Stamina in the top menu bar.

    Madden Cash cost Real world money, so make sure you want to buy it before. Tap the cash on the top of the menu bar from the main screen or market. There you can see the Madden cash option as well as each charge.

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    Each April (excluding 2014 when it took place in May), the NFL holds a draft of college players. The draft consists of seven rounds, with each of the 32 clubs getting one pick in each round.The draft order for non-playoff teams is determined by regular-season record; among playoff teams, teams are first ranked by the furthest round of the playoffs they reached, and then are ranked by regular-season record. For example, any team that reached the divisional round will be given a higher pick than any team that reached the conference championships, but will be given a lower pick than any team that did not make the divisional round. The Super Bowl champion always drafts last, and the losing team from the Super Bowl always drafts next-to-last. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    All potential draftees must be at least three years removed from high school in order to be eligible for the draft. Underclassmen that have met that criterion to be eligible for the draft must write an application to the NFL by January 15 renouncing their remaining college eligibility.Clubs can trade away picks for future draft picks, but cannot trade the rights to players they have selected in previous drafts. Aside from the 32 picks each club gets, compensatory draft picks are given to teams that have lost more compensatory free agents than they have gained. These are spread out from rounds 3 to 7, and a total of 32 are given.Clubs are required to make their selection within a certain period of time, the exact time depending on which round the pick is made in. If they fail to do so on time, the clubs behind them can begin to select their players in order, but they do not lose the pick outright. This happened in the 2003 draft, when the Minnesota Vikings failed to make their selection on time.

  • The Rocket League is independent gameDatum28.08.2017 04:38
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    The Rocket League is another independent game that proves that even today, in the age of high-budget, complex and extensive production, there is also a place for titles based on an interesting idea. Especially since the Psyonix game can be run to play few matches or spend hours with it, grinding skills. And regardless of which of the options we choose, we will be sure that there is always someone on the other side of the screen willing to have fun together. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items

    The concept is simple enough - soccer with cars. Ram into the ball to send it flying, hopefully into the other team's goal. It's an easy game to get into, the matchmaking is very active and it never takes long to get in to a match. On top of this the average match only lasts a few minutes, so it's an excellent game to play casually as it delivers a lot of fun in a little time. On the other hand, mobility, ball control and teamwork ensures that there's a great amount of depth if you want it.

  • Durant have a talent for sportsDatum26.08.2017 04:35
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    Durant didn't have a talent for sports as a child. But in his childhood, durant was the tallest child in his class. So durant's mother went to school and asked the teacher to put durant on the back of the line when he was scheduled to stand. Durant and his brother have always loved sports, and durant has been fascinated by the wizards, and the wizards are who happens to be Michael Jordan. Durant and his brother fell in love with basketball as they watched the wizards. After school, the brothers always go to the boys and girls club. The two never play in a team, and they like to fight against each other. In high school, durant transferred to the famous oak hill of basketball high school. There, durant averaged 19.6 points and 8.8 rebounds and was voted the best two in the country by "prada" magazine. The following year durant transferred to the national Christian college. In the middle school's legendary study-witt training, the data rose to 23.6 points and 10.9 rebounds, and was added to the McDonald's all-american lineup, as well as the 2006 McDonald's all-star MVP. www.lolga.com

    In high school, durant was already famous. But his coach was too strict. Plus the too far away from the arena, durant later recalled, "I told my godfather, I don't want to play basketball any more, I also took a little time to summon up courage to say to him. But then I thought, this is the test of god to give me, I may not be so rotten. Confused durant wants to give up the basketball," my mom know what I think, she pulled me aside and then two slap fan flew for I intend to give up. She talked to me a lot and gave me a lot of good advice. It was my mom who made me get back on track. Since then, I haven't had any deviation. "Durant said. At the end of each school, durant has been more than basketball school. And he was, apparently ready to can go to any a starter. When Kevin durant, although has reached 2 meters height, but he still kept guard speed and instinct. Durant has no rival in high school, in the peer on the pitch, already can do whatever you want. He has the ability to let his teammates score, also can choose their own time and way to score an easy.

  • Madden NFL is a well known titleDatum25.08.2017 04:23
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    Madden NFL '96 is a well known title in franchise history. This was to mark the launch of the franchise on Sony Playstation, but Visual Concepts, the developer EA was working with the game, little more than it could chew and the game was delayed for so long that EA threw the " Towel and again released a 16-bit version. Sony capitalized by releasing a 32-bit title of the first party called the NFL GameDay and a new annual war was born similar to Joe Montana's football days. EA went all out with Madden NFL '97 in an offer to get back to the top, firing Concepts Visual and collaborating with Tiburon Entertainment to create the game again from scratch. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    The game was a success, but the AI was poor and GameDay remained the game of choice for many Playstation owners. The following year, Madden intensified its AI complexity, just to look at how GameDay moved to 3D full in front of Madden. There was no lost love between the two competitors. Sony Kelly Flock once noted to a gaming magazine that "if you want to play early next year Madden, buy this year GameDay." Ouch. EA returned to the top of the 1999 season, marking the beginning of Madden's franchise mode, one of the game's bread and butter games to date.

  • Newton Heath LYR teamDatum23.08.2017 03:54
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    Manchester United Football Club was founded in 1878, when the name is Newton Heath LYR team (LYR is familiar with the Lancashire and Yorkshire railroad company abbreviation).

    Newton Heath is the name of an ordinary railway site in England. Workers on the site and their other teams or other railway company team release their enthusiasm for football, they never thought of their own team in the future in the English football and even the international soccer tournament in a place and become one of the world's top giants , But from the date of the formation of this team, it is destined to Manchester United's play is to emphasize the team, full of passion offensive football.

    Originally wanted to change the Manchester Central (Manchester Central), but the Manchester city government life and death is not approved, the reason is simple: Manchester United Stadium is located in the outskirts of Manchester. Then, Newton Schiff proposed to rename the Manchester Celtics (Mancheseter Celtic), this time the Scottish Celtics club quit. www.lolga.com

    The Celtics are a true church team with the head of Brother Walfrid. Wo Frederick was a priest in the early days of the Virgin. Marist Brothers. Scotland's Celtics club with this layer of religious background, is it easy to provoke Zhu Er? On August 8, 1898, Wo Fred went directly to the court in London to complain: Newton Heath, do not know the background of the Catholic Church, actually in vain "Celtic"! Newton Schiff club loss, face to face apology, the public apology of the parties a total of 8 times, face basically lost. April 26, 1902, Newton Shifu vigorous lasted five years of "naming movement" finally came to an end. They eventually named himself "Manchester United". 2006-07 season, Manchester United in the Champions League and the Celtics meet. Celtics fans put the digital "8" gestures, aimed at laughing at what happened after August 8, 1898.

    At the time of the establishment of the FIFA in 1888, the members of the Newton Heath team were humble to think that they were not equipped with the Blackburn Rovers and the Preston North End. Newton Heath team until 1892 to join the Football Federation, although the twists and turns in the twists and turns, but this did not affect the success of the club's future.

  • The NFL's use of tax-exempt statusDatum22.08.2017 03:35
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    NFL league office will start to apply for tax returns in fiscal 2015, Roger goodall says over the past year they're all prove the feasibility of this give up duty-free treatment, at the same time welcome "interested" members of congress to supervise. "We've had a lot of headaches over the years, but soon people will see the flow of us every dollar, whether it's revenue or ticket sales." The unhurried alliance President did not appear to be worried about the challenges he was facing. "there was no real change in the business of the alliance," he said. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-18-coins

    Over the past few years, accusations centered around Roger goodell and the NFL have focused on the NFL as a private business without any oversight. Politicians suspect that the NFL is using its nonprofit status to influence the sale of broadcast television rights. Just last year, federal communications commissioners, in opposition to the NFL, cut some of the terms of the deal, causing cable operators in some areas to fail to sell.

    One of the biggest opponents of Tom coburn, democratic Congressman Jason chaffetz, has recently issued a statement with another representative, Elijah cummings. The statement said their criticism was aimed at restoring the NFL to a more positive and just state, which could also lead to other sports leagues with tax-free status.

    They don't yet have a complete grasp of the NFL's use of tax-exempt status in other areas, but the league's results in the past fiscal year are dubious. The NFL each year, more than $10 billion in revenue, the league office in fiscal 2013 deficit of $2013 by the liquidation until March 2014, and in the profit of $9 million in fiscal 2012, the year before the deficit number is as high as $77.6 million!

    At the same time also to the league office to issue bonds XiangXingJian or repair course make loans to the owners, the in the name of the alliance's bonds also enjoy duty-free treatment, union exist covert tax may help the team owner. Politicians are trying to make an additional tax bill passed, but to give up the league office shall have the right to refuse to review tax-exempt status and disclosure, including goodall, executive pay and tax situation.

    "The politicians' pursuit of the game will bring some tax to the government, but I don't think it's worth it." "I'm not surprised by their behavior, but I'm surprised they made the NFL change so quickly," said a legal person with a long-term research nonprofit.

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    The first Super Bowl, formerly known as the AFL-NFL World Championship (AFL-NFL World Championship Game), was held on January 15, 1967 and won by the NFL Champion and the competitor's American Football League (AFL) "World Championship of Professional Football". After the two coalitions merged into the United States Association (AFC) and the National Federation (NFC) in 1970, the Super Bowl became the NFL championship. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-18-coins

    The match was played in mid to late January and early February, but the match was played on the first Sunday in early February.

    The Super Bowl's post was named after the Roman numerals, such as the first Super Bowl in 1967, formerly known as Super Bowl I, and the Super Bowl in 1968 was Super Bowl II, and so on.

    NFL famous coach Vince Longbadi led the Green Bay Packers to win the first two Super Bowl, he died suddenly on September 3, 1969, so his trophy was named after his name Vince Longbadi Cup (Vince Lombardi Trophy).

    The current Super Bowl games are in progress at night, because to accommodate the prime time of the Eastern District, the last time in the afternoon game is the 1977th Super Bowl.

    In addition, there are many famous musicians and pop singers (such as Jackson, Madonna, Lady Ga, etc.) will be in the intermission time and Super Bowl before the show. As for the food consumption during the game, is the second largest after Thanksgiving.

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    Teamwork is particularly important. In the "Rocket League" if you and your friends with the black, with the relatively easy. But if you are in the match and some strangers team, then you also have some way and they do with the silent. In the kick-off time, there is a player from the football will be slightly more than others, this person is equivalent to the goalkeeper, is the last barrier in front of his side. If the player in the tee off and other players like to rush to grab the "first touch (First Touch)", not only may end their own teammates, there may be the other side in the tee shot when the ball easily into the empty door. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items

    The ball will not get into the goal before the game will become chaotic exception. The attacking side to fight the ball to go into the ball, and the defender only want to solve the danger of lifting the foot. At that time in front of the door will be almost all cited. But then you have to hold it down, because at this time the defender will often kick the ball to their door trouble Oolong, and the offensive side will often help opponents rescue. Because everyone goals / conceded only close by, basically no a normal person. If you do not have a suitable angle, in fact, as far away from them away, maybe the other side to help you busy. But when you are in the past is likely to actually add chaos.

    I know that the game car can open to the wall cornices, sometimes you have to do so, sometimes you just look like it is very cock. But, listen to brother in a word, the wall did not use the cock. (Of course, if you really have been used in the "Rocket League" in the fly to escape so invincible when I did not say, but if that is why you want to see this article.) On the wall can only reduce your Speed, make your perspective confused, and then do not know where they are.

    Before watching an American football movie, the coach inside said to the players: "If you do not know what to do in the field, hit the individual, anyone!" This proposal in the "Rocket League" the same applies. If you are a chicken, but also want to be fun; or you go to work during the day by the boss mad A, go home have to be his wife to continue A, wanted to vent; or you opponents into a dog, then you kill them The Rushed to the opponent's car at full speed, and then they fried. Tactical, this can be delayed in a certain time opponents, but more important is to hit him there are points to take, this thing can not even cool.

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    Today, not only the American audience has the opportunity to vote for NBA All-Star players. Fans from all over the world can log in to the NBA's official website, vote in 17 languages, and vote for their favorite players. Many media describe the All-Star Weekend as a basketball carnival because it gives fans and players a chance to get in touch.

    NBA official website reported that the league decided to amend the All-Star voting rules, cancel the center position to set up three frontcourt players, Union vice president Stuart - Jackson announced the news.
    NBA official announced that the 2013 All-Star Game will be settled in Houston.

    The 62nd NBA All-Star Game was held on February 15th-17th, and the Rookie Challenge was held at the George-Brown Center. The All-Star tournament will be held at the Toyota Center.

    2015 All-Star Game will be the first time the NBA all the players as a voting object to the NBA official website and other major cooperation on the voting platform. In the past, a team usually only provided four players as a candidate to submit to the Union, the league is eligible to run only 120 players. In 2014 this figure was turned four times. And the star week extended to 7 days, allowing players to get a week of rest time, of course, this change needs to be modified on the schedule, will increase one or two back to back game, in order to make time for the All-Star Week. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins

    NBA vice chairman Adam - Xiao Hua said the league is currently working with two New York teams to discuss, they can make a joint offer.

    In September 2011, the Nets spent $ 1 billion to build the Barclays Center, while the Knicks' Madison Square Garden also completed the final phase of the three-year renovation project.

    Xiao Hua in a Friday conference call that the Union hopes to 2015 all-star weekend tournament to the two teams co-host. The All-Star tournament was held on Sunday night at the local time, while the Rookie Challenge was on Friday, the Dunk Contest and the three-point tournament were on Saturday night.

    The 2015 All-Star Weekend was held in New York City, where the tournament was held at the Barclays Center at home in the Nets on Friday and Saturday night, while Sunday's All-Star tournament was at the Knicks' home Madison Square Garden Held.

  • Leading your team in Madden NFL 17Datum16.08.2017 04:07
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    "The Madden NFL 18" as a and an official partner of the NFL game, with its authenticity, data integrity, has dominated the north American market sales volume at the top of the sports games, every Madden announced on offseason next season the cover of the game. But according to nearly a dozen years of experience, the winner of Madden's cover was not so much in the next season as it was before, which was the injury season. Take recently, for example, last year's game cover is patriot tight end rob - cell lung examination, will directly lead to the season with a back problem, while the rest several other versions of the cover, such as the mustang von miller, steelers Antonio - brown, respectively. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-18-coins

    Leading your team in Madden NFL 17 is a great way to play the team's title and play more games and strategies. Through the innovative holding player feedback code, defensive fake action mechanism and real defending party AI system, you can control both ends of the defense, strive for the glory of the court. The new Madden NFL team, composed of Brandon Gaudin, Charles Davis and other commentators, is the most dynamic game analysis of the entire NFL season. With the by far the most balanced game play, Madden NFL series in the history of the explanation of the most abundant content, as well as the Ultimate Team ?, Draft back fresh fun game mode, such as "Madden NFL 17" will bring the most complete collection of Madden series of experience.

  • The world’s premier basketball leagueDatum15.08.2017 04:02
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    The world owes James Naismith an ingenious mind to the basketball game, a lot. Since December 1891 since the start of the first game, and we know today basketball almost nothing in common, basketball has evolved into one of the most popular sports on earth, is hundreds of millions of people to play. What's more, the world's premier basketball league, the national basketball association, is more than just a sports league, because the NBA has always been a means of social change and a pioneer of social change. In the NBA, and every generation has a unique superstar, they with incredible feat achieved legendary status, and to change their way and popularize the race - just think about bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, William wilt chamberlain, Julius elvin, magic Johnson, larry bird, kareem abdul kareem abdul-jabbar, Michael Jordan, shaq, and last but not the least important is lebron James. www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins

    The basketball star, arguably the iPhone's more than a game of the GOAT, captures the competitive nature of one-on-one basketball. You can test your ankles, shooting and scoring skills in a pair of game modes: the aggressive defenders of the action and the time - based shooting. Basketball star to become a king of iPhone street stadium, due to its realistic 3 d graphics, its fully customizable player allows you to represent their own style, of course, by breaking the obstacles of grand Slam Dunk and depressed you can release the opponent. YouTube's basketball ploy captured the king and brought you an epic trick, including five Dudes - and the panda, the amazing mascot. Dude Perfect 2 package 199 red balloons multiple levels and incredible trick to make a challenge boundary in violation of the laws of physics, a large number of character customization options, including a unique power and clothing, and the latest Dude Perfect video, you can watch in the application.

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    Steam sold out "Rocket League" developer Psyonix recently announced that it will work with toy manufacturer Zag Toys, the game car made of toys, really came to the front of the players. The first announced 12 cars will be released in the spring, including Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc and Backfire these vehicles. Each car is equipped with rocket ball, in addition to gift redemption code, in the game can be exchanged for exclusive rocket trajectory or vehicle. With the rocket ball, the call of two or three friends, players can organize their own game. The first batch of 12 cars can be purchased in North American stores. Further details of the cooperation have not yet been announced, if you like the car is not on the production line, then, may be patient waiting for a while. www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items

    Developer Psyonix today announced that the "Rocket League" will support PlayStation 4 Pro. This update, released next week, allows the game to run at the 4K and 60 FPS levels on the PS4 Pro, or 1080p and 60 FPS on the regular version of the PS4. Whether it is a single screen or a local double screen, the game will run the standard. According to the PlayStation blog post, when using three or four local players in the split screen, the "most scenes in the same resolution" will run at 60 FPS. This update is not just technical improvements, there are other bug fixes and performance issues optimized and free props, and the future will also join two new paid vehicles DLC. Update will be released on February 21, 2017 "Rocket League" there are other activities.

    Recently, "Rocket League" ushered in the latest updates. After updating, the PS4 Pro host received support for 4K rendering. But foreign media exposure, the PS4 Pro patch is not perfect. PS4 Pro patch image problem still exists, before the jagged still exist. Foreign media released a number of pairs of patches before and after the contrast image, indicating the patch before and after the jagged state. Each group for the first patch before the patch for the second effect. When some games that support PS4 Pro run on a 1080P TV, they get a super sampling effect. But in the "Rocket League", for the 4K rendering folding, and did not take any means, making the jagged. Hope in the future "Rocket League" pudding will be added to the super sampling function, making the picture quality can be improved. "Rocket League" has now landed PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform.

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    James returned to Cleveland for two purposes: to win the first title and to ensure that he could win the title after his peak. To achieve both goals, James may be at the expense of an exit from the MVP race, according to rick bucher of bleacher stadium. He wrote in May: "going back to Cleveland for the championship? Absolute; To get another MVP? I didn't see that he had the motivation. Yes, he's just over 30, but we can't just stare at his actual age, after all, he's a high school rookie... It's not that you can't win the MVP at the age of 30. I'm just not sure how important it is to him. And I dare say we have seen signs of his physical decline, the beginning of his career decline, or perhaps the best James has been." www.lolga.com

    If James were to be the leader of the game for the rest of his career, he wouldn't need to leave Miami. The cavaliers won't be able to send two top picks for the fight, and they won't even be able to find a helper for James in February. Of course, as long as he's healthy, James will still be the MVP, and will continue to play with Anthony Davis, curry, harden, or other new generation. It's no surprise that jen is the king and the MVP is one to two. But the bigger possibility is that he won't go for the MVP. With two superstars on the side, James will know how to spend the rest of the season and choose a rest in the middle of the season. It is not a failure to quit the MVP race, nor does it mean that he will be less important to the cavaliers, which is just a transformation.

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