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    Football teenager overseas fighting articles. Immediately after the Golden-23 story, the Japanese Olympic team successfully into the Olympic Games at the same time, the story of the small Zhiqiang the effectiveness of Reggina and Kwai Xin Wu's effectiveness of FC Albies a fierce battle as the main backbone. Italy and Italy in the final battle, the two teams in the league standings only one point in the case of the next day to the small Jiro and Kwai new Wu are seeking to help the team successfully rose to Italy B, both struggling to fight. After the Olympic qualifier ended, the Italian league was also nearing the end. Day to Italy has been 9 months, led by Reggina team as of the final round of the league in the first and Kwai led the Alps team is located in the second, both teams have the opportunity to rise to Italy B, and the last one Round, the two teams began a face-to-face duel, and ultimately Reggina defeated the Alps to win, because the third team lost, the two teams have entered the Italian B. www.lolga.com/fifa-18-coins

    Football teenager overseas fighting articles. In the day to the small Jiro and Kwai Xin Wu played by the team have successfully ascended Italy B at the same time, in Spain and launched another battle. The story of a Spanish band from Barcelona to the Madrid derby as the backbone, as the Barcelona Ace player's big wings, the team only behind the list of Real Madrid two points in the case, in order to help the team rose to the league top, with Real Madrid Start a fierce game. In the early summer, the Japanese team went to the Mexican Toluca Plateau for the final training, the sun, the sun and the large air wing and the team confluence, for the Olympic Games, more hard training, this time, the air wing think of this short year in Spain What happened, of course, including the second round of the Derby war .The story is the memory of the big wings Barcelona and Napoli Real Madrid second round Derby battle, there have been a mysterious audience, Derby World War II to 2 to 2 end, this time Real Madrid points or leading Barcelona, ??and then there Two games, Barcelona can reverse it?

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    It is not uncommon for NFL players to take issue with their degree in play "Madden NFL". Odell Beckham Jr. However, one of the few players who have decided to do something about it. New York Giants Broadway Receiver was obviously not satisfied with its Madden NFL 15 speed rookie season, according to Bleacher Report. In response, Beckham complained to the producers "Madden," who asked for the test was faster than the game he was depicting him to be. Beckham wrapped up a competition that ran against teammates with the highest index of speed in the game, and sent the video to Madden's producers, along with a note saying, "I'm faster than you are giving me credit for "Stunt apparently seems to serve as the Beckham speed index of the game, early in the year was in the 1970s, but ended in the '90s, according to Bleacher Report. www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins

    What does it take to be a crack in Madden NFL? We tell you how to be an advanced player to play Madden. There is no best soccer simulator that Madden franchise owned by EA Games has squeezed every drop of fruit juice that can offer the NFL and its teams to make this game a complete experience. As each game is suitable for any type of audience they play, but it takes a bit more to be a crack.If you do not know a football comma, the game may seem complicated because in addition to the rules of real sports, the game adds a dynamic to run everything from the control console. But do not worry, the game is so intuitive and fast it will not take much to master the basics.

    If you do not know a football comma, the game may seem complicated because in addition to the rules of real sports, the game adds a dynamic to run everything from the control console. But do not worry, the game is so intuitive and fast it will not take much to master the basics. Madden is a complex game and has several game modes and a lot of content you need to review and learn, if you want a less complicated game and you can get into action from the beginning we recommend that you go back to playing FIFA .

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    NHL 17 HUT have a new synergy function Replaced What has the team and the chemistry of the old games online, but how it is used to the fullest.The new EA Sports NHL 17, worn by Vladimir Tarasenko, has many new and exciting features will give you RealSport That down on in the coming days. But first, we must start with increasingly popular mode of Hockey Ultimate Team game. In the hut, you are going to build your team of players, win money, buy better players win more coins, buy even more players, and so on and so forth. It used to be that 'that players put into your lines have been dictated by the chemical. www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins

    On NHL 17 HUT, each player also has a synergy paper type - that prove pushing up on the right analog When the card - that will make you a bonus, and for specific players or the team, if you have a certain amounts of other players in your team synergy that have the same type. On the home screen of Hockey Ultimate Team, there is a synergy guide to help out - keep the NHL franchise to play to their very high standard to always help players of all experience. On the screen you will see esta any synergy, their advantages and a number. The number dictates how many players in your starting team must have that synergy for you to get the synergy advantage.

    The types of synergy require four or three pointing / players with that guy, give advantages that apply only to the players involved. For example, if you unlock the synergistic Speedsters (It appears as S on the player card) - Having four players Speedsters With the synergy in your starting team - each of the four players earn Those +2 on their acceleration, speed and agility. Then there are the guys that synergy requires eight or six points to unlock. These grant bonuses for the whole team rather than just the six or eight players with specific synergy.

  • China's juvenile footballDatum03.08.2017 03:43
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    German professional coach: 10 professional coaches from inglestown football school in Germany give professional guidance to more than 60 outstanding Chinese youth football players. German icas, football school principal dirk bacon said, "faw Volkswagen juvenile football training camp nanjing" is a commonweal project, will be of help to the development of Chinese football, because it directly in the face of the future of a country football - teenagers. I have participated in the professional league and have the international coach certificate. He believes that through this training camp, the coach can pass on the most advanced football concepts in Germany, through teaching and training. www.lolga.com

    Dirk bacon said at the same time, this training camp is mainly in view of the young players aged 10 to 12, this phase is to temper the basic skills, at the same time accept the concept of tactics, to a player's growth is very important. Through contact, he believes that the physical quality of Chinese small players is basically the same as that of German players of the same age, and lacks the training of basic details and the cultivation of football thinking. "Teenagers are the future of China and the young players are the future of Chinese football," said tao jian-an, general manager of faw-volkswagen automobile co LTD in Qingdao. Will continue to use in the future, faw Volkswagen Germany shareholders advantages, integration of top international football resources fully, comprehensive training youth small football player ability, improve the overall level of China's juvenile football cause, efforts to achieve our common football dream, China dream."

  • Bayern players won German footballerDatum02.08.2017 03:52
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    Lahm won his first German footballer of the year: After the end of a great career, former Germany and bayern Munich captain rahm was first elected German footballer of the year, he had voted in 2004 and 2004 for the second and third. This event is by the German "kicker" authoritative media group selection, this year a total of 885 journalists who took part in the vote, Mr Received 242 votes, and won 192 votes in second place, the real Madrid midfielder cross more than 100 votes ticket charge forward players and borussia Dortmund Obama MeiYang, gabonese received 120 votes, the second year in a row, and this is bayern players won German footballer of the year award, won the award last year was his bayern Munich team-mate centre-half boateng. www.lolga.com/fifa-18-coins

    German footballer of the year competition was launched in 1960, early years, the German player completely monopoly the award, the situation by werder Bremen's Brazilian forward Elton until 2004, after 2008 years of bayern Munich winger franck ribery, 2009 lafayette, in 2010 the wolfsburg striker of the flying Dutchman arjen robben in 2015 and the Wolf fort separately within the core DE brow. "It's a high honor and I'm really happy, and I think the journalists must have taken this whole career into consideration this time." Lahm said modestly, he also explains why until now for the first time the winning reason: "this may be related to my position on the pitch, past experience has shown that attacking players and more be favorred, defender's really hard to win."

  • The quarterback passing the ballDatum01.08.2017 04:01
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    American football is similar to six rugby football. Ball team (offensive) have four chances (zone) of defenders push forward 10 yards, every opportunity is called a "party" (the down, is blocked by the other party once put down). When attacking a successful accumulated in promote the four files within 10 yards (or more), and may continue to attack four file again. If the offensive side within four file cannot move forward 10 yards, then to the ball at the end of the fourth gear attack position to the opponent. Most commonly used when in the fourth shift abandon playing (punt) moving the ball to go but they must be far away from the attack began.

    In addition to the tee, half-court kick-off and score after the restart, each attack, will serve in the same (snap) way to start: on both sides of the offensive and defensive group before and after the kick-off line arrangement, facing each other. One of the attacking players Center (the Center) in between my legs back the ball to teammates, is usually the ball team Quarterback (Quarterback leads). www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins

    Offensive side there are two ways: the quarterback passing the ball to Running Back (Running Back) or any other effective player (eligible receiver) the ball to run forward, called run array (rushing) pass the ball to a teammate, known as the ball (passing). Forward pass (forward pass) is the characteristic of American football, offensive side in each attack opportunity only prequel once, and must be behind the kick-off line position is allowed to the prequel. Lateral and back there is no limit to the number of passing, but when on the attack horizontal then there will be a great opportunity to be blocked, so the football rarely cross or will be, is a kind of high difficulty of skills.

  • Mr Conte's public statementDatum31.07.2017 03:35
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    In conti's view, there is no top "framework" for Chelsea, so the team needs to buy a lot of people in the summer so that it can build a solid foundation. It is clear that Mr Conte's public statement is urging Chelsea's top brass to continue buying. Currently, the players who have been linked to Chelsea are Southampton fullback van dijk, bayern midfielder sanseis, Arsenal midfielder chamberlain and Juventus fullback sandro. Conte admits, however, the future is difficult to continue such style, "I also know that it is difficult to continue this style in the future, because I like passion standing on the sidelines of the command, the energy consumption is very big. To be honest, at the end of the game, I the whole people will feel tired, a game down, I tend to be thin 2-3 kg." www.lolga.com

    "In the game, I hope that with the players, whether is good or bad the situation, my physical ability will abate, perhaps, I will have to convergence, let oneself more cool sitting on the sidelines." Conte also pointed out that the playing time, he is a player, full of faith "if you see me play, then you will know that I am full of enthusiasm, you can see me on the field full of passion, full of fighting spirit, use all running and faith to overcome the difficulties. As your technology did not reach a certain level, you will play a soul, mind, enthusiasm and hard work." Conte also pointed out that he is a medium level of player, "from the start my career, I've been such beliefs. As a player, I actually just the medium level, but I have a will to win, I hope that through hard work to challenge their own limits."

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    Do you want to buy Rocket League items so as to win Rocket League, which is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. Players control a rocket-powered car and use it to hit a ball that is much larger than the cars towards the other team's goal area to score goals, in a way that resembles a soccer game, with elements reminiscent of a demolition derby. The players can also pick up a speed boost by passing their cars over marked spaces on the field, enabling them to quickly cross the field, use the added momentum to hit the ball, or ram into another player's car to destroy it; in the latter case, the destroyed car respawns moments later. www.lolga.com/rocket-league/rocket-league-items

    Celebrate Rocket League's second birthday in style with our latest update! Bask in the electrified glow of Rocket League competition with the new stadium, ‘Champions Field.’ This standard, modern-looking arena evokes a true sense of celebration. Look for ‘Champions Field’ in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches.The new Overdrive Crate is all about pushing your Battle-Car customizations to the limit. Potentially unlock two new Import Battle-Cars Animus GP and Centio V17, animated Decals, brand-new Trails, and more!Available as drops inside the Overdrive Crate, Animus GP and Centio V17 are Battle-Cars inspired by the storied tradition of raw speed and power.

    After retiring the Champion Series, we will continue to retire other Crates on a schedule of roughly six months after their initial release. But don't worry, items found inside retired Crates could still come back at a later date. Some items are already available in other Crates, like those found in the Player's Choice Crate we released in February.We will announce all future Crate retirements here before they happen, and we will have even more to share about our next major update at the RLCS Season Three World Championship.

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    The father of modern football: Walter Camp

    Camp when I was small and moved to new haven, father is the headmaster of a school, so the Camp since the childhood, food on the table and even at home there a servant, and caught up with Muscular Christianity movement, well-fed Camp in YMCA activities to exercise the body. Multiple sports Camp in track and field, tennis etc., and are at the top level, if someone says Camp without attracted by football to play other sports, he will also leave a good record on Yale history. Camp scores are never below average, one of the best in the worst of GPA2.7 2.3, but he is everyone from freshman year beginning, smartly dressed his basic just to go to a senior restaurant next to the school. www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins

    Camp himself is very conscious of the appearance of a small white face in the freshman Camp. When Camp entered the second game at harvard Yale in 1876, it was the image of the little white face. At the time, the newspaper described Camp as a person's weight, a bit taller than the average person. "It's better not to put this kid on the field and put it on the line," said harvard captain Nate Curtis, after meeting Camp. By the end of the game, Curtis admitted, "the kid almost knocked me out." The paper also described Camp in a no-ball scramble to throw the opposing player over the shoulder (Holding had already been fouled, but didn't know how he had done it without a foul). In order to change the image of his small white face, Camp up with a moustache, storage and excellent play, tricks and Tackle technology has quickly become a Yale's star players and captain, and take the rules commission began in 1878, until his death in 1925.

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    NBA's shortest champion, but with extraordinary talent, he is one of the most influential players after Jordan.

    US "SLAM" magazine that, after the Jordan era No. 1 is Iverson - Allen Iverson. This is not related to personal data or the outcome of the team, and he is the history of the strongest 6 feet below the scorer did not matter, his impact on culture above all - our behavior and way of thinking, NBA culture The changes and the more profound implications for American culture. www.lolga.com

    The peak period of Iverson should be in the 2000-2001 Iverson.
    Remember the 2006 season, 76 people against the Lakers
    At that time the 2001 finals, Iverson War ok combination, although Iverson led the 76 people only won a game, but Iverson's performance also conquered the fans around the world.

    The finals also have many classic shots, such as Iverson across the classic scene of Tyrone.

    There is a moment to let the fans remember!
    Is Iverson in the rookie period go past Jordan!

    A rookie to "God of basketball" Akira open, so that all the fans shocked. After the game Iverson interview, said: I feel that the ball did not ah! Remember Iverson's famous words "I do not have to respect and fear anyone in the field, even if that person is God!"

  • How strong Barak isDatum24.07.2017 04:53
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    You do not see football, so you will not know the blue tears of Moscow. That night, in Russia, in Moscow, leaving the stadium last back that is the two most powerful men. That night the rain intertwined too much in the past, so sad and infinite, that night the poetic transmission of the Red Devils, so we only touch the wound, and then said, while crying, while growing up. www.lolga.com

    You do not see football, so you will not know how strong the man named Barak is. Ten years ago, I liked two men, one was Michael - Barak, one was Oliver - Kahn. So, lucky love this football road, a walk is ten years. Ten years ago I stood there, ten years later, do not want to say nothing.

    You do not watch football, so you will not know that they are dreaming side by side. Jurk, Beckham, Gary Neville, Scholes, these four names I do not know what it means for Manchester, but I know that the fans there have never stopped and never disappeared Too crazy.

    You do not see football, so you will not know a moment can define a person's life, depression prince. Robert Baggio, his time is my childhood, that year I first saw him, it was later the perception of the younger generation, it is your eyes doomed the picture, melancholy.

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    Rocket League: the game once launched, the number of players reach high, but also gains, including TGA annual sports / racing games and many other international awards. The Rocket League combines racing and ball elements into a lot of creativity, combining the racing races and ball games, adding rocket power, realistic visual effects, dazzling costumes, and so on. new element. In the surreal of the arena, the player avatar as a strong horsepower rocket a more skill, experience the wonderful physical effects, play with the wonderful goals, enjoy the audio-visual feast. www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    The car and the ball elements of the organic combination and add a lot of creativity, both the integration of the racing racing and the characteristics of ball games, but also joined the rocket power flight, physical effects, special effects and other unprecedented new elements. This is not only to retain the wonderful multiplayer mode, adding a lot of custom duel options, but also added a single challenge content. In the future of science fiction in the future of the arena, the player avatar as a strong horsepower rocket, to participate in the exciting multi-person duel, playing with a wonderful goal, with the times to enjoy the era of leisure sports audio and video feast.

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    In 1980, the Italian Football League Vicenza soccer club to 1.3 million US dollars will be 13-year-old Roberto Baggio from Calder Grove to Vicenza youth echelon. In the next two years, Roberto Baggio played for the Vicenza youth echelon 120 times, scored 110 goals. www.lolga.com

    In 1982, 15-year-old Roberto Baggio rose to the Vicenza first team officially began his career. 1982-83 season, Roberto Baggio on behalf of Vicenza in the Italian league played 1, failed to score.

    1983-84 season, Baggio on behalf of Vicenza in the Italian league played 6 times, scored 1 goal.

    May 3, 1984, Roberto Baggio in Vicenza against Rimini Football Club game in the meniscus and other parts were seriously wounded, followed by surgery was sewn 220-pin, the injury The disease led to the transfer of Serie A Florence Roberto Baggio recuperated for nearly a year. 1984-85 season, 17-year-old Baggio in the league played a total of 29 times, scored 12 goals, to help Vicenza into the Italian B League.

  • The Chilean America CupDatum20.07.2017 04:10
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    South American Football Association official announced the Chilean America Cup in 2015 mascot, a live wave of lovely mountain fox will become the spokesman for this event. The shape of the mountain fox like red fox, is the continent of South America, the second largest body of the dog, second only to the bristle wolf. According to the America's Cup Organizing Committee official website, the reason why the choice of mountain fox, because in Chile and South America can find this species. This mascot represents a passionate South American fan. https://www.lolga.com

    America's Cup is South America's most important football match, but also after the World Cup and the European Cup after the world's third largest international team football match. The 44th America's Cup will be held from June 11 to July 4, 2015, and eight of Chile's cities will host the tournament. The last team to win the America's Cup is Uruguay.

    As usual, the tournament in addition to 10 South American Football Association's team, invited two teams are not South America to come to the competition. The invited team is from the North American Jamaican team and the America's Cup frequented by Mexico. Next summer, the 12 teams will be divided into three groups. Each group of the top two directly promoted to the quarter-finals, the other two teams the best team will be the third team will be promoted. Chilean America's official group lottery ceremony will be held on the 24th of this month.

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    In order to cope with so many challenges, Ronaldo this holiday to have a good rest. Ronaldo in the Confederations Cup semi-final lost to Chile after leaving the national team, he also publicly said to accompany two newborn children. Real Madrid to Ronaldo a month's holiday, no accident, then Ronaldo to the end of July will be back to the club. On 31 July, he needed to justify the court in Madrid. It is worth mentioning that at the end of July Real Madrid troops are assembled in the United States, so Ronaldo will not be to the United States set, he will be in the Real Madrid Sports City for individual training. After the return of Real Madrid team, he will practice with the team.

    Real Madrid in the United States will compete with Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and the US Major League All-Star team, but these games will not participate in Ronaldo. In this way, this summer's first national derby, Messi also missed the match against Ronaldo. www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    The situation is similar to last season's bizarre Bundesliga new forces RB Leipzig. Last season after the Bundesliga runner-up, Leipzig's players are bound to become the other team's latest transfer goals. But the team leader Ronique and high-level Mingzraf early made it clear that Leipzig will retain all the main players. In the case of Fosbury and Nabi - Keita, Leipzig has always maintained a strong attitude, the main center of Werner is almost no transfer rumors. The current team out, are some opportunities for some players. In addition, the past is very powerful "contract only one year," such a killer, and now also become less efficacious. The seller will sometimes choose to let him free to leave, or choose to renew, plus the second year of a certain amount of the terms of the termination of the money. This is also considered some "stable" transactions, the reasons for the late talk about it.

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    There are many, many, many stories that are heading in the new NHL season. Blockbuster exchanges, teams that continue to rebuild and the dawn of a new franchise in Las Vegas (next season) provide all the intrigues with regard to the 2016 icebreaker. What better way to take a look at the possibilities of the year than with an NHL 17 sim

    We decided to use the power of the NHL 17 to simulate this coming season just to see what happens. What happened was a lot of surprises, as you will see flip through the slides below. https://www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins

    Each slide contains some remarkable statistics and events for each team, as well as where you can find more coverage of each team on the FanSided network. Washington is known for offensive efficiency, but Braden Holtby also had a solid season behind the net.

  • Wilshire's injuryDatum17.07.2017 03:37
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    Premier League Bournemouth Club announced from the Arsenal rented 25-year-old England midfielder Jack - Wilshire because of the left leg fibula fracture, has bid farewell to the season the remaining events. Last weekend's Premier League Bournemouth away to Tottenham Hotspur game, Wilshire starting lineup, the second half began to be injured soon replaced by Cook. After the game, Wilshire's injury after X-ray examination after the first thought did not matter, but after a more detailed scan, found Wilshire's left leg fibula fracture phenomenon. Will Hill will be under the club arrangements in the next few days to accept the expert surgery repair, he will bid farewell to the season the remaining five games, which also means that his season ahead of time. www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile

    This season, Wilshire from Arsenal leased to join Bournemouth, the coach Eddie - Hoye has been reused, the league on behalf of Bournemouth played 27 games, 2 assists. Compared to Arsenal in the perennial recuperation, this season, hey is very careful about his use, although it is difficult to highlight, but the performance of a satisfactory performance of a stable appearance. Hewe is also very sorry that Wilshire's injury in the end of the season led to the season ahead of reimbursement, he said: "Jack is undoubtedly very disappointed" After the end of the season Wilshire will return to Arsenal expires, although not yet sure about the future of Wilshire, but he is very grateful to Wei this season in Bournemouth's performance. "Since he came to the club in August last year, we all like to work with him, and he has made great contributions to our entire season, both in the field and in the field, and we wish him to recover as soon as possible and thank him and us Together during the effort and occupation. "

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    When the high-flying football circles of rocket launches started to run, the game has been built well since then. For a long time, we've already got new content in the game, DLCs, tracks, game modes. This time we will not be bored, as there are a lot of novelties from the developers for this noble occasion. Two completely new themes, a completely new content crate chest and a new, unique arena are waiting for us alongside novelties like new engine tunes, built-in radio with Monstercat music , Or just a changeable track, which is the reward of this year's competitive season. A very spectacular intro was made of this. The video clearly reveals that Psyonix guys do not hang their feet for a minute. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    The update on July 5, however, also means the end of the fourth season, so if you have not done that, hit the wheel behind the wheel and do the ratings for just two weeks. Although this new track seems a bit of a reward compared to last year's wheels, it's a very aesthetic innovation since we've been watching the same purple line for two years when we reach super sonic speed. The new crate chest will also be a lot of fun, Can be obtained and there will be no shortage of stickers, including animated stickers. Every box had a new boost, a new wheel, and Overdrive Crate would be no exception.

    Clearly, most people are being fired by the two new cars. No wonder they look very cool. Both cars come from the car racing industry, Animus GP cites the Formula 1 cars, while the Centio V17 embodies the WEC category's monsters. Of course, both of them have received the typical Rocket League green feeling, not copied one by one. The wagons of the wagons will be interesting, especially the Animus GP, which has a nose spoiler, the edge of which is likely to cause surprises. Warm days are waiting for the RL fans, once for sure.

  • Some unsuccessful playersDatum11.07.2017 04:04
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    Madden Mobile has a great fourth July event that starts today on June 29 with high-level cards for players. There are two Master players and four X-Factor players, along with some special sets as part of new live events for Independence Day.

    The 99 OVR Masters with a +5 boost are Deion Sanders in defense and Jordan Howard in the offense. Yes, Deion Sanders was a two-way player in his first, but this card is just for defense in this event. https://www.lolga.com/madden-nfl-17/madden-nfl-17-coins

    40 Elite players are available in the Independence Packs, focusing on some unsuccessful players: special squad players and attack and defense lines. I need an Elite Marquette King.

    There is a special currency for these events, called Fireworks, quite appropriate. You have to do some of the new events to earn Fireworks, or get them through the Independence Packs available in the Store. There is a free Independence Pack daily and three packs that can be purchased with 75,000 coins. Other packages can be purchased in cash.

    To get some reward on July 4, you will need to get them through these special sets:

    Elite 'Splosion requires 50 Fireworks and re-composes an Elite player on July 4th.
    July 4th X-Factor Player requires 250 Fireworks and rewards an X-Factor player on July 4th.
    On July 4, the Offensive Master requires 4 Elite on July 4 and rewards a single Jordan Howard July 4 Offensive Master with +5 Boost.
    July 4 The Defense Master requires elite July 4, July 4 and rewards the Deion Howard Master of Defense with +5 Boost.

    These events go until July 9th so even if you are too hot for hot dogs to play the game by July 4 or earlier, with other special events on the 4th, then you have time to pick up some of these new Madden NFL players.

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    Ice hockey:

    Appliances: Ice hockey players include ice hockey shoes, ice hockey knives, hoods, ice hockey and so on.

    For the high waist, toe, upper, ankle, heel and other outer are hard. In front of the long tongue with hard high waist, the legs can be tightened ankle to help athletes support and force. Hockey shoes was originally made of high quality leather, 60 ~ 70 years all plastic molding shoes. Is the international use of nylon fiber upper, plastic at the end of the ice hockey shoes. This shoe is lighter than leather shoes, hard, moisture resistant, suitable for indoor ice rink.

    Ball knife
    The original iron cutting edge, is now more than plastic knife care, high-quality alloy steel blade, with a light weight, anti-hit, not rust and so on. Ice hockey knife height and short, large curvature, thicker blade. The blade is high, and the ice face contact area is small, you can flexibly slide and change direction; blade thick, can be anti-hit without bending; blade With a shallow groove can make it sharp and durable. Goalkeeper skates in the shoes around the package with a special thickening of the hard leather to fight against the ball to protect the feet. Goalkeeper skates and athletes have a greater difference between the skates, it is made of metal, the blade is short and flat, knife edge and knife care to connect multiple to prevent the ball. https://www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins

    To prevent injury in intense confrontation, athletes wear protective gear throughout the body. Hood includes helmets, masks, shoulder pads, chest, waist, body care, elbow, gloves, pants, leggings, ankles and so on. Modern ice hockey is generally made of lightweight rigid plastic shell, lined with foam or foam pad. The goalkeeper wears a special mask, gloves, thicker chest and thickened leggings.

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