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    Although the vehicle in Rocket League game is very flexible, but the ball must be hit up to hit the actual goal, unfortunately the car and the ball's center of gravity is different, so often the ball has been landing but the car has not hit the target, Psyonix must make your own adjustments, one frame to check the problem. "It seems that every time we find a problem, we need to add a line of code to the interactive logic, with the accumulation of time, these simple three lines of function into a lot of fragmented code, we even in the replay game screen We can not find a specific problem because we can not find a specific problem.We found that the interaction logic to add more complication will only lead to more unpredictable results, and ultimately we decided to remove all the changes, and then start again. https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

    Coherence is only a matter of minor modifications to the original SARPBC algorithm. " In addition, by allowing SARPBC veteran players to participate in IC packaging and testing, Psyonix through the player feedback found more imperfections in the "Rocket League" before the release of careful testing, research and development results at least very good, and ornamental is also good, Although it did not take into account the gaming side of the things, but Psyonix later seems to be very consistent with the tide of the trend: to improve the watch experience and increase the tournament support, fix the bug and the game to more areas. Cone said that the rest of the work is basically to rely on the community, and this is the practice and SARPBC practice, the players of the recommendations and feedback can make the game last longer.

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    The budget of FIFA's 18. Earnings are mainly due to entry fees and tournament prizes. You win as many trophies as you can in a season, so you earn a lot of money. The main income is the transfer fee and rental fee. You can sell some players or rent out to earn income. Spending is focused on transfer fees, players and staff salaries. When you buy a player, you have to pay a certain amount, and then you pay them all. https://www.lolga.com

    Budget allocation: the game budget allocation is simply divided into transfer budget and salary budget. The transfer budget includes the initial budget, the transfer fee for the player and the remaining budget. The salary budget includes the initial budget, the weekly salary budget, and the current weekly salary. The player only adjusts the ratio of the salary budget to the transfer budget. In everyday situations, the best budget allocation is a budget bigger than the transfer budget. During the transfer period, the best budget allocation is that the transfer budget is bigger than the payroll budget.

  • The ball can be passed onDatum11.02.2018 03:19
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Klose is a natural shooter, feet balanced to open the bow, shooting a variety of ways and accurate. Its feet and the toe Tuishe and the toes of the fire technology, the body or the ground shovel brave brave, stunt back of the foot is more or less dispense. He has repeatedly become the five European league shooting efficiency king, shooting success rate in the world football is second to none! With age, Klose is being developed by a simple top striker for a superb all-round attack attackers, won two consecutive Bundesliga assists and European assists! Career in the league, the European war, international games were sent up to about 150 assists, called first-class passers. Klose as a grab point shot as the main means of attack striker, but has a strong bow, passing ability, you can retrace the frontcourt convergence and teammates do exquisite cooperation. https://www.lolga.com

    In a number of defender gaffle, the ball can also be passed on to his teammates, the formation of assists or a threat to attack. Klose's dribbling does not take the fancy action to win, but his limbs slender has its own elegant features like the ballet is also quite ornamental and the effect is very obvious, even in the case of the other guard attack can also be fast Break the opportunity to fight, often staged with a few people's play. Header is the world's most familiar magic, he is the World Cup, the European Cup two major international tournament header record keepers, scored a total of 10 unprecedented header. And is the single World Cup head shot the most players in the South Korea World Cup scored five goals, and he was the only final in the World Cup final stage hat hat player! Before the ancients, after the difficult to come.

  • The NBA 2K farmingDatum09.02.2018 02:42
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Lolga guarantees their NBA 2K18 MT is the cheapest and safest

    NBA 2K as a popular basketball video game, has successfully owned millions of players. NBA 2K18 game will be released in six months. For this popular and popular simulation game - enough NBA 2K18 MT must have a strong demand. https://www.lolga.com

    Because it is different from other games, it needs better technology and energy, so players want to buy from the professional NBA MT website NBA 2K18 MT, to quickly upgrade or make MT fast. NBA 2K18 MT where is the best place

    If you search for NBA 2K18 MT on Google, you will find Lolga ranked first in selling the NBA 2K18 MT website. This means that Lolga is the most famous NBA 2K service seller. We are not only trusted by Google, but also by the trust of many players.

    As we all know, most of the NBA 2K farming is a horse, many of which require days or weeks to achieve your goal, especially the game requires better technology and energy. In order not to let you waste your time in meaningless work, we have a bunch of professional players who work for you for 100 years for many years by hand, which ensures that our NBA 2K18 MT is 100% manual, no robots / no cheats / no Other illegal methods.

    With the best service, Lolga's cheap NBA 2K18 MT price is reasonable compared to other sites in the gaming market. We offer a 3% discount and you can use it directly: Lolga.com. If you want to get more discounts, you can save more money by clicking on Lolga Premium coupons.

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    On Feb. 4, the new NBA season continued, with the Detroit pistons beating the Miami heat 111-107 to win their third straight win. https://www.lolga.com

    After the match began, josh Richardson hit a 3-pointer from the outside, and then adebayor scored by ji empty Della dunk, he inside the active performance of the game to help get the advantage. But then the pistons began to fight back, and drummond, together with Ishmael Smith, cut the score and made the difference closer. Officials suspended for the first time, after shooting from both teams kept good, the two sides to lead, Ishmael Smith today's breakthrough and cic percentage is good, his outstanding performance helped the pistons led, 1 in the first quarter.

    In the second quarter, the difference between the two teams was still small, with josh Richardson and Taylor Johnson scoring three points on the outside, while braddock had three points. Both sides still is in a state of lead, pause after you come back, Miami ollie Nick consecutive points to help the team come back once, but griffin and piston side drummond wires, the latter Slam Dunk scoring again, take the last moment in this section, Ishmael Smith scored in a row, also made at the buzzer, helped the pistons leading 4 minutes into the second-half.

  • The New England patriots failedDatum06.02.2018 03:11
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The 52nd super bowl was held at the us bank stadium in Minneapolis in 2018, defending champion New England patriots against the Philadelphia eagles. The Philadelphia eagles were in the lead, and despite being a patriot at the start of the fourth quarter, they won the super bowl for the first time with a 41-33 victory. https://www.lolga.com

    The New England patriots failed to defend their title, and legendary quarterback Brady did not win the sixth. The New England patriots have won the super bowl five times in the 21st century, beating the jaguar 24-20 this year. If the patriot can win again this year, will like Pittsburgh Steelers, become the NFL super bowl team won the most times in history, but also will create a second four years three champions league glory, and the quarterback Brady will also get personal sixth championship. The Philadelphia eagles, the only team to have never won the super bowl, scored the third super bowl this year, beating the vikings 38-7 in the league final.

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    After winning the Olympic regional championship, the goal locked Olympic champion! The big wings with their own ability to help Barcelona won the La Liga champion, but this is only the beginning of the beginning of Japan! Japan has defeated New Zealand and Mexico (8: 1) before the start of the Olympic Games, but the wings are struggling to practice because of overstretching, and he is also fighting for quick recovery to catch the race. Soon the Olympic soccer tournament officially began, by Spain on Cameroon, the array of players in the performance of Michael Michael 4. https://www.lolga.com

    Brazil's Napoli and Sintan can not help but understand that had been successful is not accidental. Japan in the group match was divided in the group of death (group C), the same group were the World Cup on the European name of the Netherlands, the World Cup against South America Argentina, and Nigeria. Japan to a top gesture into the quarterfinals. Another focus is on Brazil, this time they are in group match with Germany (World Cup with 5-0 eliminated opponents), China, and Senegal. Germany to return to the last revenge as the goal, the last round of the outbreak of fighting. 

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    Enes Kanter : 28 points.

    After winning the game, you can get a card bag and get the "important moment" collectibles and random quality players. Collections can be synthesized in a synthetic interface. Collect the players, trophies, and "important moments" collectibles to win the important moment of your dreams (which can't be auctioned)! https://www.lolga.com

    In addition, for the first time, the "Enes Kanter : 28 points" competition will also be able to get rich gold coins and experience returns. Remember to participate in the event every day, get the players quickly and upgrade your team!

  • The Argentina striker of the yearDatum02.02.2018 02:41
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    On August 14, 1975, Diego Maradona, 14 years old, was admitted to the Argentine youth club's adult team and was listed as Argentina's class a professional competition. Set a record for Argentina's domestic league. Maradona's first number in his career was number 16. On October 20, 1975, Maradona appeared as a substitute for Argentina's youth and cordoba, completing his debut in Argentina's serie a division. A few days later, he scored two goals in the league. https://www.lolga.com

    In 1978, Maradona, 17, won the top scorer in the Argentine league with 26 goals, making him the youngest player in the league's history. [3] young people the club five years in Argentina, Maradona scored 116 goals in 166, he will be from the youth team with the league of 20 - the league runners-up, and three times won the Argentina striker of the year the golden shoe award and tied pele three times won the league top scorer o the golden shoe award and tied pele twice won the top scorer golden boot Argentina national championship.

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    According to previous ESPN reports, the James Camp believes Wade will join the Cavaliers after a buyout deal with the Bulls. However, according to the Miami Herald correspondent Barry Jackson, the Miami and Los Angeles teams are interested in Wade. The Chicago media recently reported that Wade had not yet discussed the buyout with the Bulls, and it is not clear when it will happen. Only Wade knows where he really wants to go, but according to Barry Jackson, the explosive news source was also the first to have a problem with the heat and wade negotiations, so his message was somewhat of a reference. It is worth mentioning that Wade's children are still attending a school in South Florida this year. In addition, Haslem said in an interview that he hoped Wade would return to the heat: He is not only a great adversary, a great teammate, I have learned a lot in this friend, I regard him as a brother. https://www.lolga.com

    A netizen has collated a career in which Kobe Bryant and James are in the playoffs. The so-called Life and Death War, that is, the team also lost a game will have to go home to fish, which is the real meaning of ' the win or going '. On the sample side, Kobe Bryant has 19 games in his career, while James has 20 and two are very close in number. First look at Kobe Bryant, 19 games, the field averaged 22.3 points 5.7 rebounds 3.4 assists 3 times turnovers, the shooting hit 44%, the true shooting ratio 51.9%. In contrast, Kobe Bryant's professional playoff field averaged 25.6 points 5.1 rebounds 4.7 assists 2.9 turnovers, shot hit 44.8%. Then take a look at James, the 20 games, he can chop down 32.9 points 10.9 rebounds 7.3 assists 3.8 turnovers, shooting 47.8%, real shooting 57.1% hit. It is worth mentioning that James playoff field data for 28.4 points 8.9 rebounds 6.9 assists, shooting 48.5%. In other words, Kobe Bryant not only in the data on the life and death of James, but also scoring, assists is not the average level of his playoff, this is exactly the opposite of the James 3 main data is above average.

  • The Xbox platform's social activitiesDatum31.01.2018 03:26
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Some of the new features in Win10 are very attractive to gamers, such as a new generation of DirectX12, which can give full play to graphics performance to improve the efficiency of a new generation of games. The new Xbox app will allow you to keep track of the Xbox platform's social activities and personal achievements, as well as the ability to record video games. You can also stream from Xbox One to Windows10 PCS. https://www.lolga.com

    However, some players may encounter the problem of key-mouse operation delay in the game, which may be more obvious in full screen status or in 3D games. There may be many reasons for the delay, such as insufficient memory or graphics performance, driver problems, or network latency. But there's still another possibility in Win10, according to some users feedback, the system built in the applications of the Xbox game DVR features may also lead to the delay of the game, so a friend encountered this problem might as well try to shut down the function to see if effective.

  • Jordan is the king of basketballDatum30.01.2018 02:57
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The basketball god Michael Jordan was the first to play the NBA star, Michael Jordan, in his 32 strong match. Jordan was the king of the basketball game, and his glory was unprovoked, and for those who wanted to play with him, he would cry and cry for his mother. Jordan, of course, must have had some of his predecessors, such as kobe Bryant and Allen iverson, but not lebron James. When it comes to Jordan one-on-one hit, you have to mention kobe Bryant. In the 1998 all-star game, the fledgling kobe Bryant was a young man who signaled to Karl Malone to keep him out of the game, and he was going to have a one-on-one hit with Jordan. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

    Bryant, like Jordan, is competitive. When phil Jackson, phil Jackson, first took over the lakers in 2000, Bryant had been a bit more aggressive than he was. Jackson then invited retired Jordan to convince kobe Bryant to be more patient and more reasonable. As a result, Bryant saw Jordan's first words: "you know, I can beat you one-on-one." Jordan responded calmly: "it's possible that I've been retired for three years."In addition to affirming kobe Bryant, Jordan also confirmed iverson because he had been shot by Allen iverson.

    It was March 13, 1997, when iverson was a rookie and the sixers were the last team in the eastern conference. Although the game the outcome no suspense, but Allen iverson on a shocked the world, he in couple with Jordan to form one-on-one hit, in the use of continuous variable to action after Jordan sway in the air, he firmly on the free-throw line jumper, make on-site fans immediately sent out deafening applause."I remember it was my first time with him, and I kept looking at him, and I couldn't move my eyes." Iverson recalls, "that was Michael, my idol, the hero of my heart!"

    "Well, if you've swung me like that, then I'm not going to be your hero," Jordan said, awkwardly, despite the embarrassment of his background. In addition to kobe Bryant and Allen iverson, Jordan have been sure some other players one-on-one hit ability, such as jerry west, Elgin baylor, dwyane wade, carmelo Anthony and others, but the list does not include James.

  • The Cavs were beaten by the SpursDatum29.01.2018 02:59
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    In 2007 season, James led the Cavaliers to take victory, and the second seed team into the playoffs, the playoffs opponents or the Washington Wizards, LeBron led the Cavaliers to sweep the 4-0 Washington Wizards qualify for the second round. The second round hit the new West Basketball team (before the Nets have not moved to Brooklyn), 4-2 out of the opponent, since 15 years for the first time among the Eastern Conference finals. The final opponent is the Auto City Pistons, the Cavaliers first in the total number of field after the first 0 to 2, and finally anti-4 to 2. James played well in the fifth game, scored 48 points for the individual, especially 29 points in the final 30 points in the post-match team. https://www.onlinegameshop.com

    Finally in two overtime, defeated the Pistons in the history of the Cavaliers for the first time won the NBA Eastern League championship. In this round of the battle of the King of Mountains, James in the last moment with 25 points, God's performance is enough to go down in history. In the finals, the opponent is the San Antonio Spurs, The Cavs were beaten by the Spurs four consecutive games, and James in the final four games average score of 22.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 6.8 assists. After the game Tim Duncan said to LeBron: "the future is your" classic statement. But its hit rate is only 35.6%, and missed many times the chance of the last blow. The entire playoffs averaged 25.1 points, 8.0 rebounds and 8.1 assists. And became the first Cavaliers non-defender player for at least seven assists in eight consecutive games.

  • The reduction of the gameDatum28.01.2018 04:25
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    On the pitch and the performance of the game, FIFA 18 also did very well. Whether it's the fidelity of the turf, the lighting effect on the pitch, the reduction of the game, or even the support of the audience, or the highlight of the game after the game, it's very good. But FIFA 18 has too many teams and too big a database. The physical collision of FIFA 18 is more reasonable. FIFA 18 tries to restore the real football game. The game USES the technique of human motion capture. Although the game plot is somewhat rigid, it is still a good game experience. https://www.lolga.com

    In FIFA 18, you can experience Hunter's second career. If there is a player in FIFA 17's plot mode, you can continue the second season directly with this record. If you haven't played the previous one, it's ok to start a new Hunter's journey. In FIFA 18, Hunter continues to be the star of the field and can compete with Cristiano Ronaldo and exchange shirts. Hunter can also be a teammate with Neymar, playing with Delle Ali. After the first match with real Madrid, Hunter will be invited to join real Madrid by Bristiano Ronaldo.

  • The Legends are awesomeDatum26.01.2018 04:05
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Legends are awesome. They have a very high rating, are very easy to play as, and very cheap (compared to similar level cards). For example, at the time of writing, Jari Kurri, rated 91, cost about 120,000 coins. But a base Vladimir Tarasenko, rated 89, costs at least 165,000 coins.Special players are way overpriced. They are far too expensive for the slight boost that the player gets. You’re better off getting the same rated base card at a lower price. https://www.lolga.com

    If you happen to draw one in a pack then sell it, get a same rated card and have some dough left over.Super Steve Mason and Jonas Hiller: I don’t mean like Team of the Week or legendary goalies, I mean right-hand catchers. Steve Mason and Jonas Hiller can be a real pain to score against. A lot of online players get used to using left shooting skaters, meaning they know how to trick the keeper with a left right left wrister deke and goal. Against a righty, this move works a lot less. They’re good to have as your second keeper if your first is high in rating.

  • The NBA starDatum25.01.2018 03:09
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    Since the NBA players' catamarans have been missing since the island of Tahiti, the FBI has fallen on the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, next to journalists, raising questions about murder and love and fame. TV repeats eleven years, the atmosphere tabloid reported. Eleven years, this mystery has not yet been resolved. Many people on the island have forgotten. Other people do not like to say anything. "It's been a long time," they said, avoiding the eyes. "It has nothing to do with us." https://www.lolga.com

    Tahiti is relying on tourism and is known for its paradise on earth. Why say death? Williams, in 1998 in Detroit's home away from the NBA star. He is more interested in life than the court, and he is immersed in travel, art and literature. He is a talented musician whose inspiration comes from Wynton Marsalis and Miles Davis. Big Charlie, An employee of the Sofitel Resort in Moreira, who worked at the front desk, remembered Brian Williams ten years ago. "Big heart", Charlie said.

  • The miscarriage of justice increasedDatum24.01.2018 02:49
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    The referee's entry threshold can be described as not high, training requirements are also very strict. In addition to the referee theory knowledge assessment, physical fitness is also very critical. The average league players in the Premier League race distance is 11593 meters, while the referee's average running distance is 11561 meters, although not the same as the players change, confrontation, but the referee also need to speed Run, sprint run, the physical requirements are still very high. https://www.lolga.com

    Foam spray is the development of football to a certain stage of the product. But in recent years we found that the referee has not keep up with the times, the miscarriage of justice increased, the referee from the black judge into a wonderful game of the spoiler, the referee's penalty is often the focus of discussion after the game. Such as last month's Champions League quarterfinals Real Madrid and Bayern's second round of the game, such a high level of duel, after the referee has become the biggest topic.

  • The fancy ball carriersDatum23.01.2018 02:56
    Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    In the standard Madden game, the standard camera angle is very large, which makes it feel different. It takes a minute to get used to the smaller players, but once I get the hang of it, I enjoy the open space and see my teammates running with me. I played with Barry Sanders for a long time with my camera, which I couldn't do at the default camera angle. Another good adjustment this year is to be able to play three different games styles offline and in franchise mode: Arcade, simulation and competition. The arcade provides a lot of scoring, limits the penalties, and eliminates the damage altogether. https://www.lolga.com

    In addition, the chances of success in hitting rods and fancy ball carriers have increased, which leads to more "Wow!" "The moment I desire is to show off my rights." "In my first game, I fired 80 yards of bombs at the Titans ' Corey Davis and soon got a similar big game, the last game by Lasselwilson's three games," he said. This is a good model for beginners, and those who want to be quick and entertaining Madden, especially given that AI is often tolerant. This solves my long-standing obsession with this series because I often play with friends and acquaintances who like to play different games. Some people like to score as much as possible. If I had been in the fourth position in the game earlier, I would have deleted my phone number from their cell phone. This is our own style. So it's a relief to see these styles get official support in Madden NFL 18.

  • Blog-Artikel von fifacoinslol

    The cavs are pretty bad now. The root cause is the cavaliers’ lack of emphasis on defense. You don’t see the cavaliers and wizards playing very well. James scored 57 points, and the Cleveland cavaliers shot more than 70% in the first half. But this kind of game, both sides don’t defend. But once you have a strong team, especially in the playoffs, you can’t defend without defense.  https://www.lolga.com

    The Cleveland cavaliers are averaging 113.0 points, the 28th in the league, and the cavs are not saying they won’t defend, but are not playing defense now, which is a major problem for their poor record. I interviewed the knicks coach last two days and I asked him what he thought about the cavaliers now. Hornasek’s opinion is similar to what we’ve been analyzing, new people, injuries, all of these things. But don’t forget, the cavs have James, and when James starts to play, the cavs are a big east side, and no team is guaranteed to win the cavaliers.

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    Start is very important, while loosen the hand brake may be slower than the computer tenths of seconds, but the rest of the acceleration will reflect the gap of vacancies on zero seconds, some acceleration heavy vehicles can eject out in a short time. ABS anti-lock system is to prevent the tires from locking when braking. This auxiliary system is divided into five levels. If you turn the ABS off, in a rally, you're playing with your life, and using the handbrake can make your vehicle wobble on the road. https://www.onlinegameshop.com/forza-motorsport-7-credits

    A pathfinding route on the road shows where the driver needs to decelerate, brake or accelerate. This auxiliary system is divided into five grades (1~5). The green line indicates that you can step on the accelerator, the yellow line indicates that you need to take the oil or loose the throttle, the red line indicates that you need to brake. It is worth mentioning that the operation of receiving oil can only be realized when using the handle to play the game, which is to press the throttle button to reduce rather than release the throttle completely. Auxiliary routes are best used for novice drivers, but drivers who are not familiar with them use pathfinding.

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